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Boullier, David Renaud (1699-1759)
Lettres critiques sur les Lettres philosophiques de Mr de Voltaire : par rapport à notre âme, à sa spiritualité et à son immortalité ; avec la défense des pensées de Pascal contre la critique du même Mr de Voltaire (Saint-Omer : impr. de Fertel, 1753)
Pièces philosophiques et littéraires... (Saint-Omer : impr. de Fertel, 1759)
Du Perron, Jacques Davy (1556-1618)
A letter vvritten from Paris, by the Lord Cardinall of Peron, to Monsr. Casaubon in England. Translated out of the French corrected copie, into English. (Saint-Omer : [the English College Press], 1612)
Falconer, John (1577-1656)
A briefe refutation of Iohn Traskes iudaical and nouel fancyes. Stiling himselfe Minister of Gods Word, imprisoned for the lawes eternall perfection, or God's lawes perfect eternity. By B. D. Catholike Deuine. (Saint-Omer : [English College Press], 1618)
Lessius, Leonardus, S.J. (1554-1623)  en
Ravvleigh his ghost. Or a feigned apparition of Syr VValter Rawleigh to a friend of his, for the translating into English, the booke of Leonard Lessius (that most learned man) entituled, De prouidentia numinis, & animi immortalitate: written against atheists, and polititians of these dayes. Translated by A. B. (Saint-Omer : [G. Seutin?] Permissu superiorum, 1631)
Verstegan, Richard (1548-1636)
Newes from the low-countreyes. Or The anatomy of Caluinisticall calumnyes, manifested in a dialogue betweene a Brabander, and a Hollander Vpon occasion of a placcart, lately published in Holla[n]d, against the Iesuites, priests, friars &c. by those that there assume vnto themselues, the tytle of the high-mighty-lords, the States &c. Translated out of the Netherland language, into English. By D.N. (Saint-Omer : [English College Press], 1622)
Obseruations concerning the present affaires of Holland and the Vnited Prouinces, made by an English gentleman there lately resident, & since written by himselfe from Paris, to his friend in England (Saint-Omer : [English College Press], 1621)

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