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Rinteln, Germany
(Est. 1620)
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AuthorFaculty / Appointment DatesVols.TraditionReference
Christoph BraunProf. of Metaphysics & Oratory (1621-1642) 0Lutherann/a
Johannes GiseniusProf. of Theology (1621-1632) 12LutheranADB
Reinhard KönigProf. of Politics & History (1621-1658) 4Lutherann/a
Anton MenschingProf. of Theology (1621-?) 3Lutherann/a
Eberhard MesomyliusProf. of Theology (1621-1623) 0Lutherann/a
Sylvester PribeniusProf. of Logic & Ethics (1621-1624) 0Lutherann/a
Josua StegmannProf. of Theology (1621-1632) 10Lutherande | ADB
Hermann VastelabendProf. of Philosophy (1621-1622) 5Lutherann/a
Christoph WernerProf. of Greek & Poetry (1621-1632) 0Lutherann/a
Henricus HenechiusProf. of Hebrew, Eloquence, & Physics (1622-1626) 0Lutherann/a
Anton PeithmannProf. of Logic & Physics (1623-1649) 2Lutherann/a
Andreas Heinrich BucholtzProf. of Practical Philosophy (1641-1645) 22Lutherann/a
Johannes GiseniusProf. of Theology (1641-1652) 12LutheranADB
Johannes HenichiusProf. of Metaphysics & Hebrew (1643-1645) 15Lutherande | ADB | Strieder
Andreas Heinrich BucholtzProf. extraordinarius of Theology (1645-1647) 22Lutherann/a
Heinrich Martin EckardProf. of Metaphysics (1645-1650) 3LutheranNDB
Balthasar Mentzer, IIProf. of Theology (1646-1651) 3Lutherande | NDB
Johann Georg LohmeyerProf. of Greek (1647-1650) 0Lutherann/a
Petrus MusaeusProf. of Logic & Metaphysics (1648-1653) 28LutheranADB
Johannes HorneiusProf. of Physics (1649-1650) 16Lutherann/a
Gerhard BodeProf. of Eloquence and Oriental Languages (1650-1663) 3LutheranNDB
Heinrich Martin EckardProf. of Theology (1650-1665) 3LutheranNDB
Arnold RedekerProf. of Ethics & Poetry (1650-1660) 0Lutherann/a
Johannes HenichiusProf. of Theology (1651-1671) 15Lutherande | ADB | Strieder
Petrus MusaeusProf. of Theology (1653-1663) 28LutheranADB
Bernhard SchultzeProf. of Philosophy (1654-?) 1Lutherande
Michael WatsonProf. of Physics, Politics, & History (1658-1665) 6LutheranADB | Scholasticon | Zedler
Gerhard Walter MolanusProf. of Mathematics (1659-1665) 2LutheranNDB
Hermann BarckhausenProf. of Ethics, Poetry & Greek (1660-1664) 1LutheranZedler
Johann Otto HenckelProf. of Philosophy (1662-1669) 2LutheranZedler
Gerhard BodeProf. of Theology (1663-1697) 3LutheranNDB
Hermann BarckhausenProf. of Theology (1664-?) 1LutheranZedler
Gerhard Walter MolanusProf. of Theology (1665-?) 2LutheranNDB
Johann Otto HenckelProf. of Theology (1666-1682) 2LutheranZedler
Arnold EckhardProf. of Theology (1671-1678) 2LutheranNDB
Arnold EckhardProf. of Logic, Physics, & Mathematics (1671-1676) 2LutheranNDB
Johann KahlerProf. of Philosophy (1677-1683) 29LutheranADB
Johann KahlerProf. of Theology (1683-1729) 29LutheranADB
Johann Justus KiskerProf. of Philosophy (1694-1697) 9Lutherann/a
Christian EbelingProf. of Philosophy (1697-1714) 14Lutherann/a
Johann Justus KiskerProf. of Theology (1697-1714) 9Lutherann/a
Friedrich Wilhelm BierlingProf. of Philosophy (1700-1716) 15LutheranADB
Christian EbelingProf. of Theology (1714-1716) 14Lutherann/a
Friedrich Wilhelm BierlingProf. of Theology (1716-1728) 15LutheranADB
Johann Engelhard SteuberProf. of Theology (1721-1747) 3Lutherann/a
Johann Engelhard SteuberProf. of Jewish Antiquities & Philology (1721-1728) 3Lutherann/a
Gottfried SchwarzProf. of Theology (1749-1786) 0LutheranADB
Wilhelm Christian Justus ChrysanderProf. of Philosophy, Mathematics, & Philology (1750-1768) 17LutheranADB
Wilhelm Christian Justus ChrysanderProf. of Theology (1751-1768) 17LutheranADB
Johann Jakob PlittProf. of Theology (1755-1761) 5LutheranADB
Johann Daniel MüllerProf. of Theology (1768-1794) 2LutheranADB
Bernhard SchultzeProf. of Law (?-?) 1Lutherande
Tobias Christoph ThiloProf. of Philosophy (?-?) 2Lutherann/a
Ludwig Christian MiegProf. of Greek (1691-1694) 24ReformedADB

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