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Copenhagen, Denmark
(Est. 1475)
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AuthorFaculty / Appointment DatesVols.TraditionReference
Faculty of Arts
Caspar Rasmussen BrochmandProf. of Arts (1610-1615) 30Lutherande
Faculty of Medicine
Caspar Bartholin, SrProf. of Medicine (1613-1622) 28Lutheranen de
Faculty of Philosophy
Cort AslakssønProf. of Latin, Greek, & Hebrew (1600-1607) 5Lutheran, Reformedno | NBL
Caspar Bartholin, SrProf. of Rhetoric (1611-1613) 28Lutheranen de
Olaus WormiusProf. of Philosophy (1613-1621) 13Lutherann/a
Faculty of Theology
Anders LauridsenProf. of Theology (1572-1589) 0Lutherann/a
Cort AslakssønProf. of Theology (1607-1624) 5Lutheran, Reformedno | NBL
Caspar Rasmussen BrochmandProf. of Theology (1615-1639) 30Lutherande
Caspar Bartholin, SrProf. of Theology (1624-1629) 28Lutheranen de
Johan Ernst GunnerusProf. of Theology (?-?) 9Lutheranen
Johannes Olai SlangendorfProf. of Theology (?-?) 1n/aZedler
Faculty of Theology and Oriental Languages
Hans Wandal, IProf. of Theology and Oriental Languages (1652-1668) 2Lutheranno
Hans Wandal, IIProf. of Theology and Oriental Languages (1683-?) 11Lutherande

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