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Bennet, Thomas (1673-1728)
A Confutation of Quakerism : or, A plain proof of the falshood of what the principal Quaker writers (especially Mr. R. Barclay in his Apology and other works) do teach concerning the neccessity of immediate revelation in order to a saving Christian faith ... (Cambridge : University-Press, for Edmund Jeffery [etc.], 1709)
Bèze, Théodore de (1519-1605)  fr en
Jesu Christi Domini Nostri Novum Testamentum: sive Novum Foedus, cujus Graeco contextui respondent interpretationes duae: una, vetus; altera, Theodori Bezae. Ejusdem Theod. Bezae Annotationes, in quibus ratione interpretationis vocum redditâ, additur synopsis doctrinae in evangelica historia, et Epistolis Apostolicis comprehensae, et ipse quoque contextus quasi brevi Commentario explicatur. Omnia nunc demum, ultima adhibita manu, ex collatione exemplarium ominum quam accuratissime emendata, et aliquantulum aucta. Accessit etiam Joachimi Camerarii in Novum Foedus Commentarius, in quo & figurae sermonis, & verborum significatio, et orationis sententia, ad illius Doederi intelligentiam certiorem, tractantur. / added author(s): Joachim Camerarius
Cambridge : ex officina Rogeri Danielis, Almae Academiae Typographi, 1642GB 
Job expounded by Theodore Beza : partly in manner of a commentary, partly in manner of a paraphrase ; faithfully translated out of Latine into English ALSO Ecclesiastes, or the Preacher. Solomons Sermon made to the people, teaching every man howe to order his life, so as they may come to true and everlasting happiness. With a paraphrase or short exposition thereof made by Theodore Beza. Translated out of the Latine into English. (Cambridge : John Legatt, 1589)
Testamentum novum (Cambridge u.a. : Bell u.a. Deighton, 1864)
Biel, Gabriel (c.1420-1495)
Defensorium obedientiae apostolicae et alia documenta
Cambridge : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1968IA 
Boethius (c.480-c.524)
The theological tractates (Cambridge : Harvard University Press; London, Heineman, 1918)
Bos, Lambert (1670-1717)
A translation of The Grecian antiquities (Cambridge : Grant, 1833)
Bradford, John (c.1510-1555)
The writings / 1 : Sermons, meditations, examinations, &c. (Cambridge : Univ. Press, 1848)
The writings / 2 : Letters, treatises, remains (Cambridge : Univ. Press, 1853)
The writings of John Bradford ... (Cambridge : University Press, 1848)
The writings of John Bradford, M.A., fellow of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, and prebendary of St. Paul's, martyr, 1555 ... Edited for the Parker society (Cambridge : University Press)
Vol. 1 (1848)
Vol. 2 (1848) IA 
Brès, Guy de (1522-1567)  en fr
The rise, spring and foundation of the Anabaptists, or re-baptized of our time, trans. J. S. (Cambridge [Mass.] : Marmaduke Johnson, 1668)
Bryant, Jacob (1715-1804)
The sentiments of Philo Judeus concerning the logos, or word of God; : together with large extracts from his writings compared with the scriptures on many other particular and essential doctrines of the Christian religion. (Cambridge : John Burges ... and sold by J. Deighton, Cambridge; Messrs. Cadell & Davies, P. Elmsley, and T. Payne, London, 1797)
The sentiments of Philo Judeus concerning the Logos, or, Word of God : together with large extracts from his writings compared with the scriptures on many other particular and essential doctrines of the Christian religion .. (Cambridge, [Eng] : John Burges and sold by J. Deighton, 1797)
Bull, Henry (-1577)
Christian Prayers and Holy Meditations: As Well for Private as Public Exercise [Parker Society, vol. 38] (Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1842)
Bullinger, Heinrich (1504-1575)  en de
The Decades of Henry Bullinger, ed. Thomas Harding, trans. H. I. [Parker Society] (Cambridge : Cambridge University Press)
Vol. 1 (1849) [First and Second Decades]
Vol. 2 (1850) [Third Decade] GB 
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