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Tyndale, William (c.1494-1536)  en
Works (Cambridge : University Press)
Vol. 2 (1848)
Vol. 3 (1848) IA 
Ursinus, Zacharias (1534-1583)  en de
Doctrinae Christianae compendium : seu, Commentarii catechetici ([Cambridge] : Ex officina Thomæ Thomasii Inclytæ ..., 1585)
Ussher, James (1581-1656)  en
Answer to a Jesuit; with other tracts on popery (Cambridge : Cambridge, Pitt Press, 1835)
Archbishop Usher's Answer to a Jesuit : with other tracts on popery (Cambridge : J. & J.J. Deighton, 1835)
Vives, Juan Luis (1492-1540)  en
Vives, on education : a translation of the De tradendis disciplinis of Juan Luis Vives (Cambridge : The University Press, 1913)
Wakefield, Gilbert (1756-1801)
Georgicon lib. IV (Cantabrigiae : Archdeacon, 1788)
Waterland, Daniel Cosgrove (1683-1740)
An Answer to Dr. Whitby's Reply : being a vindication of the charge of fallacies, misquotations, misconstructions, misrepresentations, etc., respecting his book intituled Disquisitiones modestae, in a letter to Dr. Whitby (Cambridge [Eng.] : Corn. Crownfield, 1720)
A critical history of the Athanasian creed : Representing the opinions of antients and moderns concerning it (Cambridge : Univ. Pr., 1724)
A Critical history of the Athanasian creed : representing the opinions of antients and moderns concerning it : with an account of the manuscripts, versions, and comments, and such other particulars as are of moment for the determining the age, and author, and value of it, and the time of its reception in the Christian churches, vol. 1 (Cambridge : University Press for Corn. Crownfield, 1724)
Eight sermons preach'd at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, in defense of the Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ : upon the encouragement given by the Lady Moyer, and at the appointment of the Ld. Bishop of London ... (Cambridge : Corn. Crownfield, 1720)
The importance of the doctrine of the Holy Trinity asserted, inreply to some late pamphlets (Cambridge : Burgess, 1800)
A Second vindication of Christ's Divinity, or, a second defense of some queries relating to Dr. Clarke's scheme of the Holy Trinity : in answer to the country Clergy-man's reply ; wherein the learned Doctor's scheme as it now stands, after the latest correction, alteration, and explanation, is distinctly and fully consider'd (Cambridge : Corn. Crownfield and W. Innys, 1731)
Vindication of Christ's Divinity : being a defense of some queries, relating to Dr. Clarke's scheme of the H. Trinity, in answer to a Clergy-man in the country
Cambridge : Corn. Crownfield, 1719IA 
Cambridge : Corn. Crownfield, 1721IA 
Watson, Richard (1737-1816)
An apology for Christianity, in a series of letters, addressed to Edward Gibbon, esq; author of The decline and fall of the Roman empire (Cambridge : J. Archdeacon [etc.], 1776)
A collection of theological tracts (Cambridge : J. Archdeacon, printer to the University; for J. & J. Merrill, Cambridge; T. Evans, London; and J. and J. Fletcher, Oxford, 1785)
Vol. 1 (1785)
Vol. 2 (1785) IA 
Vol. 3 (1785) IA 
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