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Abbadie, Jacques (c.1654-1727)  fr en
Vindication of the Truth of Christian Religion Against the Objections of All Modern Opposers, trans. Henry Lussan (London : J. Robinson)
Vol. 1 (1694)
Vol. 2 (1698) GB 
A vindication of the truth of Christian religion against the objections of all modern opposers written in French by James Abbadie ... ; render'd into English by H.L. (London : Jonathan Robinson ... John Taylor ... John Wyat ... and Richard Wilkin ..., 1694)
Abbot, George (1562-1633)  en de
A briefe description of the whole world wherein is particularly described all the monarchies, empires, and kingdoms of the same, with their academies, as also their severall titles and scituations thereunto adjoyning (London : Margaret Sheares ... and John Playfere ..., 1664)
The case of impotency of Robert, Earl of Essex, and the Lady Frances Howard (London, 1715)
The Case of Impotency: As Debated in England, in that Remarkable Tryal, AN. 1613, Between Robert, Earl of Essex, and the Lady Frances Howard, Who, After Eight Years Marriage, Commenc'd a Suit Against Him for Impotency (London : E. Currll)
Vol. 1 (1715)
Cheap-side Crosse censured and condemned by a letter sent from the vicechancellour and other learned men of the famous Vniversitie of Oxford in answer to a question propounded by the citizens of London, concerning the said crosse, in the yeere 1600, in which yeer it was beautified : as also a remarkable passage to the same purpose, in a sermon preached to an eminent and very great auditory in this city of London (London : A.N. for I.R., and are to be sold at his shop ..., 1641)
Explicatio sex illustrium Quaestionum : I. De Mendacio. II. De Circumcisione & Baptismo. III. De Astrologia. IV. De praesentia in cultu Idololatrico. V. De fuga in persequutione & peste. VI. An Deus sit author peccati? (Francofurti : Jonas Rosa, 1616)
An exposition vpon the prophet Ionah. Contained in certaine sermons, preached in S. Maries church in Oxford. By George Abbot professor of diuinitie, and maister of Vniuersitie Colledge. (London : ImRichard Field, and are to be sold by Richard Garbrand [, Oxford], 1600)
A sermon preached at Westminster May 26. 1608 at the funerall solemnities of the Right Honorable Thomas Earle of Dorset, late l. high treasurer of England by George Abbot ... ; now published at the request of some honourable persons, very few things being added, which were then cut off by the shortnesse of the time. (London : Melchisedech Bradwood for William Aspley, 1608)
A treatise of the perpetuall visibilitie, and succession of the true church in all ages (At London : Humfrey Louunes, for Robert Milbourne, 1624)
Abbot, Robert (1560-1617)  en
Antichristi demonstratio contra fabulas pontificias
Londini : Robertus Barkerus, 1603GB 
Londinium, 1603BSB 
Antichristi demonstratio, contra fabulas pontificias et ineptam Roberti Bellarmini de antichristo disputationem (Londini : Baker, 1608)
De suprema potestate regia exercitationes ... contra Rob. Bellarminum ... (Hanoviae : Typis Wechelianis Aubrii & Schleichius, 1619)
De Suprema Potestate Regia Exercitationes habitae in Academia Oxoniensi, Contra Rob. Bellarminum, Et Francisc. Suarez (Hanoviae : Aubry & Schleich, 1619)
De suprema potestate regia: exercitationes habitae in Academia Oxoniensi contra Rob. Bellarminum et Francisc. Suarez
Hanau : Aubrii & Schleichius, 1619 [Missing title page] GB 
Londini : ex officina nortoniana, 1619GB 
A defence of The reformed Catholicke of M. W. Perkins, lately deceased, against the bastard Counter-Catholicke of D. Bishop, seminary priest : the first part, for answer to his calumniations generally framed against the same, and against the whole religion and state of our church (London : George Bishop, 1606)

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