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Barclay, Robert (1648-1690)
[ Quaker ]
Apologie, oder vertheidigungs-Schrift der wahren christlichen Gottesgelahrheit : wie solche unter dem Volk, so man aus Spott Quaker
Germantown, PA : Christoph Saur, 1776IA 
Bromley, Thomas (1629-1691)
The way to the Sabbath of rest, or, The soul's progress in the work of the new-birth : with two discourses of the author never before printed viz. The journeys of the children of Israel, as in their names and historical passages, they comprise the great and gradual work of regeneration, and A treatise of extraordinary divine dispensations, under the Jewish and Gospel administrations
London printed ; Germantown : ReChristopher Sower, also sold by Solomon Fussell and Jonathan Zane in Philadelphia, 1759IA 
Everard, John (c.1584-c.1640)
Some gospel treasures, or, The holiest of all unvailing : in several sermons, discovering yet more the riches of grace and glory to the vessels of mercy ... in several sermons, preached at Kensington and elsewhere (Germantown : Christopher Sower, 1757)
Thomas à Kempis (c.1380-1471)
The Christian pattern, or, the Imitation of Jesus Christ : being an abridgement of the works of Thomas à Kempis (Germantown : Re-Christophor Sowr, 1749)
Züblin, Johann Joachim (1724-1781)
The real Christians hope in death; or An account of the edifying behaviour of several persons of piety in their last moments, : with a preface recommendatory by the Rev. Mr. Clarke, Rector of St. Philips Charlestown, (Germantown [Pa.] : Christopher Sower,, 1756)

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