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Adams, Amos (1727-1775)  en
Letter to T. & J. Fleet,asking that advertisement for 3e ed. of his (Roxbury : Mass., 1774)
Letter to Thomas and John Fleet, printers in Boston, asking them to print Isaac Winslow's resignation from Mandamus Council in Evening Post [manuscript] (Roxbury : Mass., 1774)
Boston, Thomas (1676-1732)
Human nature in its fourfold state, of primitive integrity, entire depravation, begun recovery, and consummate happiness or misery. Subsisting in the parents of mankind in paradise. The unregenerate. The regenerate. All mankind in the future state (Exeter [N. H.] Printed by H. Ranlet, for Thomas and Andrews, Fausts' statue, no. 45, Newbury-street : Boston, 1796)
Coles, Elisha (c.1608-1688)
A practical discourse of God's sovereignty : with other material points derived thence (Newburyport [Mass.], : Edmund M. Blunt., 1798)
Fawcett, Benjamin (1715-1780)
Murther lamented and improved: A sermon preached at Kidderminster, June 16, 1771. On occasion of the death of Mr. Francis Best, who was robbed and murthered by John Child, on Saturday, June 8. To which is added, A narrative of the principal circumstances attending the murther, and the trial and ... (Shrewsbury : J. Eddowes, 1771)
Preaching Christ, and not self: A sermon preached at Tuckers-Street-Meeting, Bristol, at the ordination of ... Thomas Janes. May 26th, 1774. By Benjamin Fawcett, ... To which are added, Mr. Janes's Confession of faith, and A charge, ... By Andrew Kinsman (Shrewsbury : J. Eddowes, 1774)
Flavel, John (c.1630-1691)  en
Navigation spiritualized, or a new compass for seamen : consisting of XXXII points ... all concluded with so many spiritual poems (Newburyport : Edmund M. Blunt, 1796)
Fletcher, John William (1729-1785)
Zelotes and Honestus reconciled, or, An equal check to Pharisaism and antinomianism continued : being the first part of the scripture-scales to weigh the gold of gospel- truth, to balance a multitude of opposite scriptures, to prove the gospel-marriage of free-grace and free-will and restore primitive harmony to the gospel of the day : with a preface, containing some strictures upon the three letters of Richard Hill, Esq., which have lately been published (Shrewsbury : J. Eddowes, and sold at the Foundry, and by J. Buckland ... London; and S. Aris in Birmingham, 1774)
Keteltas, Abraham (1732-1798)  en
God Arising and Pleading His People’s Cause ; or The American War in Favor of Liberty, Against the Measures and Arms of Great Britain, Shewn to Be the Cause of God, ed. Reiner Smolinski [Electronic Texts in American Studies] (Newbury-Port : John Mycall for Edmund Sawyer, 1777)
L'Estrange, Hamon (1605-1660)  en
A friendly and charitable legacy to the world: or essays for the better promoting of all Christian and moral duties, 2nd ed. (Bury : W. Green; also by W. Chase Norwich, E. Creighton Ipswich, T. Hollingsworth Lynn; J. Wilkie, & C. Corbett, London, 1767)
Lathrop, Joseph (1731-1820)
Mayhew, Jonathan (1720-1766)
Two discourses delivered October 25th. 1759. Being the day appointed by authority to be observed as a day of public thanksgiving, for the success of His Majesty's arms, more particularly in the reduction of Quebec, the capital of Canada. With an appendix, containing a brief account of two former expeditions against the city and country, which proved unsuccessful (Boston, New England, Printed and sold by Richard Draper, in Newbury-street; Edes & Gill, in Queen-street; and Thomas & John Fleet : in Cornhill, 1759)
McEwen, William (1735-1762)
The most remarkable types, figures, and allegories of the Old Testament (Danbury : Stiles Nichols, 1803)
Neal, Daniel (1678-1743)  en
The history of the Puritans, or Protestant non-conformists, with an account of their principles; their attempts for a further reformation in the church; their sufferings; and the lives and characters of their most considerable divines (Portsmouth, N.H., Charles Ewer, Newburyport, Ms., Wm. B. Allen & co. : printers)
Vol. 1 (1816)
Vol. 2 (1816) IA 
Vol. 3 (1816) IA 
Vol. 4 (1816) IA 
Vol. 5 (1816) IA 
Noble, Oliver (1734-1792)
Regular and skilful music in the worship of God : founded in the Law of Nature and introduced into his worship by his own institution, under both the Jewish and Christian dispensations : shewn in a sermon preached at the North Meeting-House, Newbury-Port, at the desire of the church and congregation, February 8th, 1774 (Newbury-Port : Daniel Bayley, 1774)
Some Strictures upon the Sacred Story Recorded in the Book of Esther, ed. Reiner Smolinski [Electronic Texts in American Studies] (Newbury-Port : E. Hunt and H. W. Tinges, 1775)
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