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Valeriano, Pierio (1477-1558)  
La infelicità dei letterati di Pierio Valeriano ed appendice di Cornelio Tollio. Traduzione dal latino. Aggiuntovi altro dialogo originale del Valeriano sulle lingue volgari; ed un capitolo di Cornelio Castaldi contro i petrarchisti: con note storiche e filologiche (Tipogr. Malatesta di C. Tinelli e C., 1829)
Vattel, Emer de (1714-1767)   
The Law of Nations, Or, Principles of the Law of Nature, Applied to the Conduct and Affairs of Nations and Sovereigns: A Work Tending to Display the True Interest of Powers (P.H. Nicklin & T. Johnson, 1829)
Vico, Giambattista (1668-1744)  en
Principes de la philosophie de l'histoire / traduits de la "Scienza nuova" de J. B. Vico ; et précédés d'un Discours sur le système et la vie de l'auteur, par Jules Michelet,..., trans. Jules Michelet (Paris : J. Renouard, 1827)
Voet, Joannes (1647-1713)  en nl
Johannis Voet Commentarius ad Pandectas (apud Gauthier fratres)
Vol. 1 (1829)
Vol. 2 (1829) GB 
Vol. 3 (1829) GB 
Vol. 4 (1829) GB 
Vollenhove, Joannes (1631-1708)
Kruistriomf: dichtstuk (G. Portielje, 1827)
Vossius, Gerhard Johann (1577-1649)
Gerardi Joannis Vossii Grammatica Latina in usum scholarum adornata (A. et J. Honkoop, 1827)
Wake, William (1657-1737)  en
The principles of the Christian religion explained: in a brief commentary upon the church catechism (T. Cadell, 1827)
The principles of the Christian religion explained: in a brief commentary upon the Church-catechism. By F. Twisleton, ed. Frederick Benjamin Twisleton-Wykeham- Fiennes (13th baron Saye and Sele) (1827)
Wakefield, Gilbert (1756-1801)
An Essay on Inspiration considered chiefly with respect to the Evangelists ... A new edition (F. B. Wright, 1828)
Walton, Brian (1600-1661)  en
Briani Waltoni In Biblia polyglotta prolegomena specialia, vol. 1 (Typis ac sumptibus academicis Joannes Smith : Prostant venales apud J. et J.J. Deighton [and 5 others], 1828)
Briani Waltoni in Biblia polyglotta prolegomena specialia recognovit Dathianisque et variorum notis suas immiscuit F. Wrangham (J. Smith)
Vol. 1 (1827)
Vol. 2 (1828) GB 
Briani Waltoni in Biblia polyglotta prolegomena. Praefatus est I.A. Dathe. recogn., Dathianisque et variorum notis suas immiscuit F. Wrangham, ed. Francis Wrangham, vol. 2 (1828)
In Biblia polyglotta Prolegomena specialia
J. Smith
Vol. 2 (1828) GB 
Walton, Izaak (1593-1683)
The lives of Dr. John Donne, Sir Henry Wotton, Mr. Richard Hooker, Mr. George Herbert and Dr. Robert Sanderson: (London : J. Major, 1825)
Watson, Richard (1737-1816)
An Apology for the Bible: In a Series of Letters Addressed to Thomas Paine, Author of a Book Entitled, (Hilliard and Brown, 1828)
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