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Allix, Pierre (1641-1717)  en fr
Some remarks upon the ecclesiastical history of the ancient churches of Piedmont .. (1821)
Ambrose, Isaac (1604-1664)  en
Looking unto Jesus, as carrying on the great work of man's salvation, or A view of the everlasting Gospel (London : Sherwood, 1815)
Anderson, John (c.1668-1721)
A defence of the church-government, faith, worship & spirit of the Presbyterians : in answer to a late book intituled, An apology for Mr Thomas Rhind, or, An account of the manner how and the reasons for which he separated from the Presbyterian party and embraced the communion of the Church
Edinburgh : M. Anderson for A. Thomson and W. Troup, 1820IA 
Angell James, John (1785-1859)
The attraction of the Cross, a sermon, 3rd ed., vol. 1 (1820)
The Sunday school teacher's guide, 6th ed., vol. 1 (Thomas Knott, 1817)
Annet, Peter (1693-1769)
Critical examination of the life of St. Paul
R. Carlile, 1823GB 
London : R. Carlile, 1823IA 
Critical examination of the life of st. Paul, tr. from the Fr. of Boulanger [or rather from P.H.D. von Holbach's tr. of P. Annet.]. (1823)
A letter to the Rev. Dr. S. Chandler [microform] : from the writer of The history of the man after God's own heart (London : J. Carlile, 1820)
The life of David [microform], or, The history of the man after God's own heart .. (London : J. Carlile, 1820)
The miraculous conception [microform], or, The divinity of Jesus Christ considered as the foundation of the Christian religion (London : R. Carlile, 1819)
Anton, Paul (1661-1730)  de
De lectionis fabularum milesiarum in hominis valetudinem efficacia : diss. inaug. med. (Berolinum : [Brüschcke], 1824)
Arnauld, Antoine (1612-1694)  fr en
Grammaire générale et raisonnée de Port-Royal par Arnauld et Lancelot; reécédée d'un Essai sur l'origine et les progrès de la langue françoise par M. Petitot, et suivie du Commentaire de M. Duclos (Paris : Bossange et Masson, 1810)
Arndt, Johann (1555-1621)  de en
True Christianity; or, the whole economy of God towards man, and the whole duty of man, towards God. In four books. Written originally in the German language (Boston : Lincoln & Edmands, 1809)
True Christianity: or, The whole economy of God towards man, and the whole duty of man towards God: in four books, vol. 1 (Boston : Lincoln & Edmands, 1809)
Arnobius of Sicca (-330)  
Disputationum adversus gentes, libri 7. Recognovit notis priorum interpretum selectis aliorumque et suis illustravit Io. Conradus Orellius
Edinburgh : Lipsiae Sumptibus C.G. Vogelii, 1816IA 
Landshut : Lipsiae Sumptibus C.G. Vogelii
Vol. 1 (1816) IA 
Arrowsmith, John (1602-1659)  en
Armilla Catechetica: a Chain of Principles (Edinburgh : T. Turnbull, 1822)
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