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Baxter, Richard (1615-1691)  en de
An extract of Mr. Richard Baxter's Aphorisms of justification. Published by John Wesley ... The third edition (J. Paramore; sold at the New Chapel, City-Road, and at the Rev. Mr. Wesley's preaching-houses in town and country, 1784)
Richard Baxters Nutz-Anwendung der Einsamkeit in dem Umgange mit Gott (Guntersblum : Hochgräfl. Leiningischen Regierungs-Canzlei Buchdrucker gedruckt, bei Franz Christ. Ludw. Gegel, 1788)
The saints everlasting rest: or, A treatise of the blessed state of the saints in their enjoyment of God in glory: extracted from the works of Mr. Richard Baxter, by John Wesley, M.A. late fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford (Philadelphia : Parry Hall, no 149. Chestnut Street, and sold by John Dickins, no 182. Race Street, near Sixth Street, 1791)
Tragywyddol orphwysfa 'r saint; neu, Draethawd am ddeddwydd gyflwr y saint, a Gymreigiwyd [and abridged from The saints' everlasting rest] gan T. Jones, trans. Thomas Jones (Mwythig : J. a W. Eddowes, 1790)
Tragywyddol orphwysfa'r Saint. Neu Draethawd am ddedwydd gyflwr y Saint yn eu mwynhad o dduw yn y nefoedd, trans. Thomas Jones (argraffwyd ac ar werth gan J. a W. Eddowes, 1790)
Bayle, Pierre (1647-1706)
Système de philosophie, contenant la logique et la métaphysique
Samuel Pitra, 1785GB 
Bayly, Anselm (-1794)
The Alliance of Musick, Poetry and Oratory: Under the Head of Poetry is Considered the Alliance and Nature of the Epic and Dramatic Poem, as it Exists in the Iliad, Æneid, and Paradise Lost (John Stockdale, 1789)
Beattie, James (1735-1803)  en
Evidences of the Christian Religion;: Briefly and Plainly Stated, vol. 1 (A. Strahan and T. Cadell, London; and W. Creech, Edinburgh., 1786)
Moralische und Kritische Abhandlungen, vol. 2 (Brose, 1790)
The Theory of Language: Part I. Of the Origin and General Nature of Speech. Part II. Of Universal Grammar (A. Strahan, 1788)
The Theory of Language. In Two Parts. Part I. Of the Origin and General Nature of Speech. Part II. Of Universal Grammar ... A New Edition, Enlarged and Corrected (A. Strahan, 1788)
Beausobre, Isaac (1659-1738)  en fr
Histoire de la réformation ou origine et progrès du luthéranisme, dans l'Empire et les Etats de la confession d'Augsbourg, depuis 1517 jusqu'en 1530 (Berlin : François de la Garde)
Vol. 1 (1785)
Vol. 2 (1785) GB 
Vol. 3 (1785) GB 
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