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Francke, August Hermann (1663-1727)  en
Die Seligkeit der wahrhaftigen Jünger Christi im Reich der Gnaden : In einer Predigt über das Evangelium Luc. X, v. 23-37. Am Xiii Sonntage nach Trinit. Anno 1697. In der St. Georgen-Kirche zu Glaucha an Halle vorgestellet / von M. Aug. Herman[n] Francken, Ss. Th. P. Ord. & Past. Glauch. (Halle : Wäysen-Hause, 1738)
Fraser, James (1639-1699)
Memoirs of the Life of the Very Reverend Mr. James Fraser of Brea: ... Written by Himself. Dedicated by the Author, to ... Thomas Ross, ... ... (Thomas Lumisden and John Robertson, and sold at their Printing-house, 1738)
Gerdes, Daniel (1698-1765)  en
Exercitationum academicarum libri tres : quibus varia sacra tum, ad historiam patriarcharum tum, ad antiquitates Judaicas, tum, ad historiam Christi, Apostolorum, et Ecclesiæ spectantia illustrantur ... Accedit orationum biga De docta in theologia ignorantia et, De unctione, quae fideles docet omnia.
Amstelodami : Hadr. Wor, et Haered., 1738GB 
Gill, John (1697-1771)  en
The Cause of God and Truth ... (Aaron Ward, 1738)
The Cause of God and Truth: Being an Examination of the Principal Passages of Scripture Made Use of by the Arminians, in Favour of Their Scheme; Particularly by Dr. Whitby, in His Discourse on the Five Points, Etc, vol. 4 (Aaron Ward, 1738)
Grey, Zachary (1688-1766)
An attempt towards the character of the royal martyr King Charles I. ... Address'd to the author of An essay towards the character of her late majesty Caroline, ... With an appendix.Containing I.A particular relation of the solemnity of King Charles I. (1738)
Grulich, Martin (1695-1772)  de
Licht und Pflicht, aus dem Vollen Seegen der ordentlichen Sonn- und Fest-Tags-Evangelien, auch dreyer besondern Buß-Texte (Chemnitz, 1738)
Gundling, Nicolaus Hieronymus (1671-1729)
Nic. Hieron. Gundlings ... Satyrische Schriften (zu finden bey Iohann Friederich Rittern, 1738)
Guthrie, James (c.1612-1661)
A cry from the dead, or, the ghost of the famous Mr. James Guthrie appearing : Being the last sermon he preached in the pulpit of Stirling, before his martyrdom at Edinburgh, June 1661. To which is added, his last speech upon the Scaffold .. (Glasgow : William Duncan, for William Gray, 1738)
Some considerations contributing unto the discovery of the dangers that threaten religion, and the work of reformation in the Church of Scotland : published for informing the ignorant and inadvertent ... (Glasgow : William Duncan, for William Gray, 1738)
Gyöngyösi, Paul (1668-1743)
Amoris & Odii [...] Oscula Cant. I. v. 2. VI. 3. Prov. XXVII. v. 6. Dissertatione De Osculo Sancto Rom. XVI. v. 17. Eique Opposito Osculo Judæ Luc. XXII. v. 48. : Eorumque Mysteriis, iuxta Sacras S. illustrata Christo Domino, Amoris, Gratiæ & Iræ æternæ Prov. VIII. v. 21. XXI. v. 320. Matt. V. v. 19. Deut. XXII. v. 34. Jer. L. v. 25. Rom. II. 5. 16. Archithesaurario Propitio (Francofurti cis Viadrum : Alex, 1738)
Amphitheatrum (1. Cor. 4,9. Heb. 10,33.) Synagoniæ, (Rom. 15,30. Phil. 1,7.) Spiritus Gratiæ Precum Aciem Castri Sanctorum Vet. Et N. T. Cum Deo In Precibus Luctantium Repræsentans, ... : a. D. MDCCXXXVIII. D. Iv. Jan. ... / Præside Paulo Gyöngyössi a Pettyen Illustr. Eccl. Angl. Presbytero S. S. Th. D.... Defendente ... Lud. Wilh. Weisse, Berolinensi ... (Francofurti cis Viadrum : Schwartz, 1738)
Dissertatio Theologica De Libro Vitæ Apoc. Iii, 5. (Francofurti ad Viadrum : Schwartz, 1738)
Hallbauer, Friedrich Andreas (1692-1750)
Pristinam Christianae Rei Faciem A Plinio Repraesentatam Commentatione Philologica Et Critica Ad Plin. Lib. X. Epist. LXXXXVII (Jenae, 1738)
Pristinam Christianae rei faciem a Plinio repraesentatam: commentatione philologica et critica ad Plin. lib. X, epist. LXXXXVII (Ritterus, 1738)
Hartmann, Johann Adolph (1680-1744)
De officiis circa peregrinos; resp. Gabriel Johannes Speck (Marburgi Cattorum : Muller, 1738)
Diss. philos. de officiis erga peregrinos (Marburgi Cattorum : Mullerus, 1738)
Diss. philos. de officio eorum, qui cum adversariis veritatem communicare volunt
Marburgi Cattorum : Mullerus, 1738GB 
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