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Burges, Cornelius (c.1589-1665)  en
Two sermons preached to the Honorable House of Commons assembled in Parliament at their pvbliqve fast, Novem. 17, 1640 by Cornelius Burges ... and Stephen Marshall ... (London : T.B. and I.O. for S. Man, P. Stephens, and C. Meredith ..., 1641)
Burghaber, Adam, S.J. (1608-1687)
Theses philos. de ortu et interitu rerum naturalium (1641)
Burroughs, Jeremiah (1599-1646)  en
Moses his self-denyall
London, 1641BSB 
London : Overton, 1641GB 
Moses his self-denyall delivered in a treatise upon Hebrewes 11, the 24. verse, by Ieremy Burroughs. (London : T. Paine and are to be sold by H. Overton and T. Nichols ..., 1641)
Burton, Henry (bap.1578-1648)  en
Englands bondage and hope of deliverance a sermon preached before the honourable House of Parliament at St. Margarets in Westminster (London, 1641)
The humble petitions of Mr. Burton and Dr. Bastwicke presented to the honovrable the knights, citizens, and burgesses of the Commons House of Parliament. (1641)
A most godly sermon preached at St. Albons in Woodstreet on Sunday last being the 10 of October, 1641 : shewing the necessity of selfe-denyall and humiliation by prayer and fasting before the Lord in regard of the present plague we now lye under : which God in his good time remove from amongst us (London : B. Alsop, 1641)
The protestation protested, or, A short remonstrance shewing what is principally required of all those that have or doe take the last Parliamentary protestation (1641)
Buscher, Statius (1560-1641)
Gründliche Widerlegung Eines unwarhafften Gedichts unterm Titul, Crypto-Papismus Novae Theologiae Helmstadiensis, Das ist Heimblich Pabstthumb der newen Theologiae auff der Fürstl. Julius Universitet zu Helmstädt, Welches M. Statius Buscherus, gewesener Prediger bey S. Aegidien in Hannover zu Hamburg drucken und spargiren lassen im Jahr 1640
Lüneburg : Stern, 1641BSB 
Vol. 1 (1641) GB 
Buxtorf, Johann, Sr (1564-1629)  en de
De synagoga judaica, ed. Ludwig König (Basilea : impensis Ludovici König, 1641)
Buxtorf, Johann, Jr (1599-1664)  en de
Dissertatio philologica, de duobus primis sacrae geneseos versibus / quam ... praeside ... Iohanne Buxtorfio ... publico examini submittit Sebastianus Schmidt Lamperthemio-Alsatus. Ad diem ... mens. August. an. MDCXLI ... (Basileae : typis Martini Wagneri, 1641)
Buxtorf, Johann, Sr (1564-1629)  en de
Synagoga Judaica
impensis L. König, 1641GB 
Basel : Ludovici König, 1641GB 
Basileae : Impensis Ludovici König, 1641IA 
Calixt, Georg (1586-1656)  de en
Historia Josephi, Sive XIV Postremorum Capp. Geneseos Et Locorum In Iis Difficiliorum Expositio Literalis / Quam Ex Ore Georgi[i] Calixti ... eiusq[ue] ad Pentateuchum praelectionibus, in academia Iulia ante sedecim annos excepit, & ante sexennium edidit Stephanus Tuckerman Ecclesiastes & Pastor in Wildenman (Helmaestadi[i] : Henning Müller, 1641)
Historia Magorum E Cap. II Matthaei / Die Epiphani?n Anni MDCXXIIX In Acad. Iulia Publice Exposita a Georgio Calixto S. Theol. D. et Prof. pub.
Helmaestadi[i] : Henning Müller, 1641HAB 
Helmaestadi[i] : Typographeum Calixtinum ; Müller, Henning, 1641HAB 
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