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Burigny, Jean Lévesque de (1692-1785)
Vie de Grotius: avec l'histoire de ses ouvrages
Debure, 1752GB 
Vie de Grotius: avec l'histoire de ses ouvrages et des négociations auxquelles il fut employé, ed. Jean Debure ((París)) (Debure l'aine, Quai des Augustins, 1752)
Vie De Grotius: Avec L'Histoire De Ses Ouvrages, Et des Négociations auxquelles il fut employé, vol. 2 (Debure, 1752)
Burlamaqui, Jean Jacques (1694-1748)
The principles of politic law: being a sequel to The principles of natural law, trans. Thomas Nugent (J. Nourse, 1752)
Burnet, Gilbert (1643-1715)  en
Bishop Burnet's Travels through France, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland: describing their religion, learning, government, customs, natural history, trade, &c., and illustrated with curious observations on the buildings, paintings, antiquities and other curiosities in art and nature. With a ... (Sands, Murray, and Cochran, 1752)
Calepino, Ambrogio (c.1435-c.1510)
Septem linguarum Calepinus hoc est lexicon latinum, variarum linguarum interpretatione adjecta ... (typis Seminarii, 1752)
Canisius, Petrus, S.J. (1521-1597)  en
Catechismus illustratus
Canz, Israël Gottlieb (1690-1753)
Compendium Theologiae purioris (1752)
Disciplinae morales omnes ... (1752)
Carpzov, Johann Gottlob (1679-1767)  en de
Treuer Lehrer obliegende Amts-Rechenschafft : ward bey des Hoch-Ehrwürdigen, Groß-Achtbaren, und Hochwohlgelahrten HerrnMeno Nicolaus Carsten, bißherigen treuverdient-gewesenen Archi-Diaconi am Dohn, Introduction zum Pastorat-Amte an besagter Dom-Kirche in Lübeck, am Sonntage Judica a. 1752 aus dem gewöhnlichen Evangelio Joh. Viii, 46 -59. der dasigen ansehnlichen Christlichen Gemeine, unter Göttlichen Beystand und Segen vorgestellet / von Johann Gottlob Carpzov, D. und Superintend. (Lübeck : Schmidt, 1752)
Chandler, Samuel (1693-1766)  en
A Short and Plain Catechism. Being an explication of the Creed, the Ten Commandments, and the Lord's Prayer ... The second edition, with alterations and additions (J. Noon, 1752)
Chapman, John (1704-1784)
A View of the Expediency and Credibility of Miraculous Powers Among the Primitive Christians, After the Decease of the Apostles: Represented in a Charge Delivered to the Clergy of the Archdeacon of Sudbury, on May 7-11, 1750. ... By John Chapman, Part 4 (S. Birt, 1752)
Chauncy, Charles (1705-1787)  en
The idle-poor secluded from the bread of charity by the Christian law: a sermon preached in Boston, before the Society for Encouraging Industry, and Employing the Poor ; Aug. 12. 1752 (Boston : Thomas Fleet, 1752)
Chevallier, Paulus (1722-1795)
Oratio inauguralis, de fructibus, qui ex juste temperata cogitandi libertate in theologum redundant (Groningae, 1752)
Chladni, Johann Martin (1710-1759)
Joh. Martini Chladenii Allgemeine Geschichts-Wissenschaft (1752)
Chrysander, Wilhelm Christian Justus (1718-1788)
Idea Encyclopaediae Mathematicae In Tabula Synoptica : In Usum Auditorum / D. Wilhelmi Christiani Justi Chrysandri Professoris Publ. Ordin. Ss. Theologiae, Philosophiae Mathematum Atque Philologiae Sacrae In Academia Rinteliensi (Cellis Luneb. : Gsell, 1752)
Church of Scotland
The Confession of faith, the Larger and Shorter catechisms, with the Scripture-proofs at large: together with The sum of saving knowledge contain'd in the Holy Scriptures, and held forth in the said Confession and Catechisms and practical use thereof, covenants, National and Solemn league (Glasgow : J. Know, 1752) / added author(s): Westminster Assembly
Clayton, Robert (1695-1758)
An essay on spirit : wherein the doctrine of the Trinity is considered in the light of nature and reason : as well as in the light in which it was held by the ancient Hebrews ... : together with some remarks on the Athanasian and Nicene creeds .. (1752)
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