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Alexandre, Noël, O.P. (1639-1724)  en fr
Theologia dogmatico-moralis secundum ordinem catechismi Concilii Tridentini (Einsiedeln : Typis principalis monasterii B.V.M. Einsidlensis)
Vol. 8 (1771)
Vol. 9 (1772) GB 
Vol. 10 (1772) GB 
Alleine, Joseph (1634-1668)  en
Christian letters (1767)
Allestree, Richard (c.1621-1681)  en
The whole duty of man, laid down in a plain and familiar way for the use of all, but especially the meanest reader. Divided into XVII chapters. One whereof being read every Lord's Day, the whole may be read over thrice in the year. Necessary for all families. With private devotions for several ... (only for J. Beecroft, 1774)
Alting, Jacob (1618-1679)  en nl
Jac. Altingi Synopsis Institutionum Chaldæarum (Halae : Impensis Orphanotrophei, 1768)
Amat de Graveson, Ignace Hyacinthe, O.P. (1670-1733)
Historia ecclesiastica, vol. 1 (Remond., 1774)
Opera omnia, vol. 11 (apud Remondini, 1774)
Opera Omnia: Continens Tractatus de Vita, Mysteriis, & Annis Jesu Christi contra Infideles, Judaeos, & Haereticos, Dissertationibus Dogmaticis, & Chronologicis, vol. 13 (1774)
Ambrose, Isaac (1604-1664)  en
War with Devils: And Ministration Of, and Communion with Angels. By Isaac Ambrose, ..., 4th ed. (George Johnston, 1769)
War with devils: ministration of, and communion with angels (Joseph Galbraith, 1769)
War with Devils: ministration of, and communion with Angels, etc (J. Galbraith & Company, 1769)
Amory, Thomas (1701-1774)  en
Twenty-two sermons ... (T. Becket and P.A. DeHondt, 1766)
Amyraut, Moïse (1596-1664)  fr en
Paraphrasis in Psalmos Davidis una cum annotationibus et argumentis, ed. Jacobus Cremer (apud Abrah. a Paddenburg, 1769)
Annet, Peter (1693-1769)
David ou L'histoire de l'homme selon le cœur de Dieu (Reprod.) / [Peter Annet] ; ouvrage traduit de l'anglais, trans. Paul Henri Dietrich Holbach (1768)
David, ou histoire de l'homme suivant le coeur de Dieu (1768)
David, ou l'histoire de l'homme selon le ceur de Dieu (1768)
David, ou, L'histoire de l'homme selon le coeur de Dieu, trans. Paul Henri Thiry Holbach (baron d') (Freemann, 1768)
David, ou, L'histoire de l'homme selon le coeur de Dieu. Ouvrage tr.[by P.H.D. von Holbach] de l'angl. [The history of the man after God's own heart, by P. Annet. With] Saül et David, tragedie [by F.M.A. de Voltaire.]., trans. Paul Heinrich D. Holbach (freiherr von) (1768)
Examen critique de la vie & des ouvrages de Saint Paul, trans. Paul Henri Thiry Holbach (baron d') (M. M. Rey, 1770)
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