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Bèze, Théodore de (1519-1605)  fr en
Homiliae Theodori Bezae Vezelii, In historiam Domini resurrectionis. Ex gallicis latinae factae. (Genève : Jean Le Preux, 1593)
Homiliæ ... in historiam Domini Resurrectionis. Ex Gallicis Latinæ factæ (1593)
Psalmi (Genevae : LePreux, 1593)
Sacratiss. psalmorum Davidis libri V. duplici poetica metaphrasi ... latine expressi. Ejusdem tragoediae Jephthes et Baptista. Nova ed (Franc. le Preux, 1593)
Sermons sur l'histoire de la resurrection de nostre Seigneur Jesus Christ. Par Theodore de Beze. (Genève : Jean Le Preux, 1593)
Sermons sur l’histoire de la resurrection de Notre-Seigneur Jesus-Christ (Geneva : Jean le Preux, 1593)
Bilson, Thomas (c.1546-1616)
The perpetual gouernement of Christes Church. Wherein are handled; the fatherly superioritie which God first established in the patriarkes for the guiding of his Church, and after continued in the tribe of Leui and the prophetes; and lastlie confirmed in the New Testament to the Apostles and their successours: as also the points in question at this day; touching the Iewish Synedrion: the true kingdome of Christ: the Apostles commission: the laie presbyterie: the distinction of bishops from presbyters, and their succcssion [sic] from the Apostles times and hands: the calling and moderating of prouinciall synodes by primates and metropolitanes: the alloting of diœceses, and the popular electing of such as must feed and watch the flocke: and diuers other points concerning the pastorall regiment of the house of God; by Tho. Bilson Warden of Winchester Colledge. Perused and allowed publike authoritie. (London : deputies of Christopher Barker, printer to Queenes most excellent Maiestie, 1593)
The perpetual governement of Christes Church : wherein are handled, the fatherly superioritie which God first established in the partriarkes for the guiding of his church ... (London : Imthe Deputies of Christopher Barker, 1593)
Bilsten, Johannes (fl.1588-1597)
Catechesis: Sev Prima Institvtio Antiquae Catholicae Christianae Religionis (etc.) (Gulielmus Antonius, 1593)
De iustificatione vitae, theses inaugurales / quas, Praesidente et adiuvante Deo Opt. Max. Autoritate & decreto Reverendi & honoratissimi Collegii Theologici, in illustri Basiliensium Academia, pro Doctoratus in SS. Theologia gradu consequendo, publice defendendas suscipiet Iohannes Bilstenius Marsbergianus Westphalus, Ad diem 3. Maii, hora & loco consuetis (Basileae : typis Ostenianis, 1593)
Binsfeld, Peter (1545-1598)
Commentarius Theologicus Et Iuridicus In Titulum Iuris canonici de Usuris per quaestiones & conclusiones resolutorius
Avgvstae Trevirorvm : Bock, 1593BSB 
Commentarius theologicus et iuridicus in titulum iuris canonici de usuris per quaestiones & conclusiones resolutorius / auctore Petro Binsfeldio, suffraganeo Trevirensi doctore theologo (Augustae Trevirorum : Henricus Bock, 1593)
Commentarius theologicus et juridicus in titulum juris canonici de usuris ... (H. Bock, 1593)
Commentarivs Theologicvs Et Ivridicvs In Titvlvm Ivris canonici de Vsuris per quaestiones & conclusiones resolutorius
Bock, 1593GB 
Bodin, Jean (1530-1596)
De la démonomanie des sorciers
Anvers : Arnould Coninx, 1593BNF 
Anvers : Iehan Keerberghe, 1593IA 
Boethius (c.480-c.524)
Anicii Manlii Torquati Severini Boetii De consolatione philosophiae libri V (In officina Hug. a Porta, sumpt. Fratrum de Gabiano (ex typ. Ionae Gautherin), 1593)
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