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Walch, Johann Georg (1693-1775)  en de
Historia doctrinae de peccato originis (Ritter, 1738)
Historia paedobaptismi qvatvor priorvm seculorvm (Ritter, 1739)
Historische und theologische Einleitung in die Religions-Streitigkeiten der Evangelisch-Lutherischen Kirche (F. Frommann (G. Holzboog), 1733)
Historische und theologische Einleitung in die Religionsstreitigkeiten, ausser der Luther. Kirche, 3rd ed., vol. 1 (1733)
Introductio in libros Ecclesiae Lutheranae symbolicos observationibus historicis et theologicis illustrata
Ienae : Sumtu Viduae Meyer, 1732GB 
Orthodoxia cathedraria: Commentatio (1740)
Philosophisches Lexicon, 2nd ed. (Joh. Friedrich Gleditschens)
Vol. 1 (1733)
2nd ed. / Joh. Friedrich Gleditschens, 1740GB 
Vol. 1 (1740) GB 
Wall, William (1647-1728)
Critical notes on the Old Testament:: wherein the present Hebrew text is explained, and in many places amended, from the ancient versions, ... To which is prefix'd, a large introduction, adjusting the authority of the Masoretic Bible, ..., vol. 1 (C. Davis, in Pater-noster Row., 1734)
Critical Notes on the Old Testament:: Wherein the Present Hebrew Text is Explained, and in Many Places Amended, from the Ancient Versions, ... To which is Prefix'd, a Large Introduction, Adjusting the Authority of the Masoretic Bible, ..., vol. 2 (C. Davis, in Pater-noster Row., 1734)
Warburton, William (1698-1779)  en
The divine legation of Moses demonstrated, on the principles of a religious Deist : from the ommission of the doctrine of a future state of reward and punishment in the Jewish dispensation, trans. Christopher Pitt, Joseph Wharton, vol. 1 (London : Fletcher Gyles, 1738)
Ward, Richard (c.1601-1684)
The explanation and application of the Solemn League and Covenant : for the reformation and defence of religion, the honour and happiness of the king, and peace and safety of the three kingdoms of Scotland, England and Ireland : enjoined by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament in England, and by the Estates of the Parliament of Scotland, to be taken by every man within the three kingdoms, 1643 (1737) / added author(s): Alexander Shields
Waterland, Daniel Cosgrove (1683-1740)
A Second vindication of Christ's Divinity, or, a second defense of some queries relating to Dr. Clarke's scheme of the Holy Trinity : in answer to the country Clergy-man's reply ; wherein the learned Doctor's scheme as it now stands, after the latest correction, alteration, and explanation, is distinctly and fully consider'd (Cambridge : Corn. Crownfield and W. Innys, 1731)
Watson, Thomas (c.1620-1686)  en
Alle de theologische en practicale werken, van den godvrugtigen en zeer geleerden heer Do. Thomas Watzon ...: Behelzende veele uytmuntende predicatien, bestaande in stigtelyke en zoetvloeyende bedenkingen, verklaringen en toepassingen van eenige voorname uytgezogte plaatzen des Ouden en Nieuwen ... (gedrukt by Johannes 't Hooft, 1736)
A body of practical divinity, consisting of above one hundred seventy six sermons on the Lesser Catechism, composed by the reverend Assembly of Divines ... with a supplement of some sermons on several texts of Scripture. To which is added, The art of divine contentment ... The third edition ... (Archibald Ingram, 1734)
Watts, Isaac (1674-1748)  en
An essay on the freedom of will in God and in creatures : and on various subjects connected therewith (London : J. Roberts near the Oxford Arms, in Warwick-Lane, 1732)
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