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Vossius, Gerhard Johann (1577-1649)
Rhetorices contractae, sive Partitionum oratoriarum libri V. (1640)
Ward, Samuel (1572-1643)  en
The vvonders of the load-stone. Or, The load-stone newly reduc't into a divine and morall vse. By Samuel Ward, of Ipswich. B.D. (London : E[lizabeth] P[urslowe] for Peter Cole, and are to be sold at his shop, at the signe of the glove and Lyon in Cornehill, over against the Conduit, 1640) [N.B., A translation of Ward’s "Magnetis reductorium theologicum tropologicum," erroneously published as the work of Samuel Ward of Ipswich.]
Weber, Jeremias (1600-1643)
Christus desiderium gentium, seu succincta et orthodoxa enodatio dicti Haggaei II,6.7 (1640)
Weinmann, Johann (1599-1672)
Dissertationis Quadragesimalis De Aphorismo Apostolico 1. Joh. cap. I. vers. 7. Sanguis Jesu Christi Filii Dei Emundat Nos Ab Omni Peccato Pars ... (Altdorphi[i] : Balthasar Scherf, 1640)
Weller, Jacob (1602-1664)
Ašrē hā-îš, seu psalmi primi, Beatitudinem veram describentis, expositio
Wendt, 1640GB 
Wittenberga : Wendt, 1640BSB 
Frommer Obrigkeit Schwere doch selige Ritterschafft und GnadenKrone auß 2. Tim. 4. : Bey Volckreicher Christlicher Leichbestattung Deß ... Herrn Christopff Leverich Der Stadt Braunschweig zum Hagen Wolverdienten Bürgermeisters: Welcher den 14. Novembris selig im Herrn entschlaffen und den ... 19. eiusdem ... in sein Ruhbettlein versetzet worden Erkläret und auff begehren in Druck gegeben / Durch Jacobum Wellern ... (Braunschweig : Balthasar Gruber, 1640)
Whately, William (1583-1639)
Prototypes, or, The primarie precedent presidents out of the booke of Genesis shewing, the [brace] good and bad things [brace] they did and had practically applied to our information and reformation (London : G.M. for Edvvard Langham booke-seller in Banbury, 1640)
Wiggers, Johannes (1571-1639)
Commentaria de virtutibus theologicis, fide, spe, charitate cum annexis De quibus tractat D. Thomas (typis Cornelii Coenestenii, 1640)
In Primam partem (secundam, tertiam...) Divi Thoma Aquinatis commentaria (C. Coenestenium, 1640)
Wilkins, John (1614-1672)  en
A discourse concerning a new world & another planet in 2 bookes. ([London] : [by John Norton and R. Hearne] for Iohn Maynard, & are to be sold at the George, in Fleetstreet neare St. Dunstans Church, 1640)
A Discourse Concerning A New World & Another Planet: In 2 Bookes. ¬The Discovery Of A New World Or, A Discourse tending to prove, that 'tis probable there may be another habitable World in the Moone : With a Discourse concerning the possibility of a Passage thither. The First Book (Maynard, 1640)
The Discovery of a New World, Or, A Discourse Tending to Prove, that 'tis Probable There May be Another Habitable World in the Moone: With a Discourse Concerning the Possibility of a Passage Thither (Iohn Norton, 1640)
A Discovrse Concerning a New Planet: Tending to Prove that 'tis Probable Our Earth is One of the Planets : the Second Booke, Now First Published (R.H., 1640)
Wülfer, Daniel (1617-1685)
Disp. log. de reductione modi baroco secundae figurae ad modum ferio primae figurae (1640)
Yates, John (-1657)
Imago Mundi, et Regnum Christi. The foure monarchies, and Christ's two-fold kingdom. Regnum Lapidis et Montis. The Gentiles converted, and the Jews restored. Lapis e Monte excisus. The Gentiles converted, collected and governed by the Apostles, apostolicall men and Bishops, etc, vol. 2 (1640)
Yves de Paris (1588-1678)
Les morales chrestiennes, vol. 2 (^Den. Thierry, 1640)
La Théologie naturelle
4th ed. / La veufue N. Buon, 1640GB 
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