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Vedel, Nicolaus (1596-1642)
Arcanorum Arminianismi, vol. 4 (Leiden : Hegerus, 1634) [Pars Quarta: Continens Defensionem Primae Partis, sive Examen Vindiciarum quas Antitrinitarii Haeretici, qui se Remonstrantium nomine regunt, & Orthodoxam doctrinam de S.S. Trinitate simulant]
Arcanorum arminianismi pars prima [-quarta] ... auctore Nicolao Vedelio: Pars quarta continens defensionem Primae Partis, siue examen vindiciarum quas Antitrinitarii haeretici qui se remonstrantium nomine tegunt,, vol. 4 (apud Franciscum Hegerum, 1634)
Arcanorum Arminianismi pars quarta: continens Defensionem primæ partis, sive Examen vindiciarum quas Antitrinitarii hæretici, qui se Remonstrantium nomine tegunt, & orthodoxam doctrinam de S.S. Trinitate simulant, illi parti opposuerunt, vol. 1 (Apud Franciscum Hegerum, 1634)
Verstegan, Richard (1548-1636)
A Restitution of Decayed Intelligence: In Antiquities: Concerning the Most Noble, and Renowed English Nation (Iohn Norton, 1634)
A Restitvtion of Decayed Intelligence:bin Antiquities. Concerning the Most Noble and Renowned English Nation (Iohn Norton, 1634)
Weemes, John (c.1579-1636)  en
Exercitations divine : Containing diverse questions and solutions for the right understanding of the Scriptures. Proving the necessitie, integritie, perspicuitie, and sense thereof. As also shewing the singular prerogatiques wherewith the Lord indued those whom he appointed to bee the pen-men of them. Together with the excellencie and use of divinitie above all humane sciences. All which are cleared out of the Hebrew, and Greeke, the two originall languages in which the Scriptures were first written, by comparing them with the Samaritane, Chaldie, and Syriack copies, and with the Greeke interpretors, and vulgar Latine translation (London : T. Cotes, for Iohn Bellamie, and are to be sold at his shoppe at the signe of the three Golden Lyons in Cornehill, neere the Royall Exchange, 1634)
Wendelin, Marcus Friedrich (1584-1652)  de
Christianae Theologiae libri duo (Schleichius & Zetter, 1634)
Christianae theologiae libri duo
Hanoviae, 1634GB 
Christianae Theologiae libri II, 3rd ed. (Schleichius & Zetter, 1634)
Whately, William (1583-1639)
The Redemption of Time. Or, A Sermon Containing Very Good Remedies for Them that Have Mis Spent Their Time: Shewing how They Should Redeeme it Comfortably. By William Whately, Preacher and Minister of Banbury in Oxfordshiere (Beniamin Fisher, and are to bee sold at his shop in Aldersgate-street, at the signe of the Talbot, 1634)
Wiggers, Johannes (1571-1639)
In primam secundae Diui Thomae Aquinatis commentaria (apud Ioannem Oliuerium & Corn. Coenestenium, 1634)
Wollebius, Johannes (1589-1629)  en
Christianæ theologiæ compendivm, accvrata methodo sic adornatvm ... (Basel : J.J. Genath, 1634)
Yves de Paris (1588-1678)
Eclaircissement de quelques propositions extraictes du liure des heureux succez de la Piété. Par le P. Iues de Paris capucin (la veusue Nivolas Buon, 1634)
Les heureux succez de la piété : ou les Triomphes de la vie religieuse sur le monde et l'hérésie (1634)
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