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Augustine, Aurelius (354-430)
Les lettres de s. Augustin, tr. ... sur l'édition nouvelle des pères benedictins de la congregation de s. Maur [F. Delfau, B. Blampin and others] par m. Du Bois, ed. François Delfau, trans. Philippe Goisbaud du Bois (Paris)
Vol. 3 (1697)
Vol. 4 (1697) GB 
Vol. 5 (1697) GB 
Vol. 6 (1697) GB 
Les sermons de S. Augustin sur le Nouveau Testament, vol. 2 (Paris : Jean Baptiste Coignard, 1694)
Les sermons sur le nouveau Testament, vol. 1 (Paris : Coignard, 1694)
Aurelius, Marcus Antoninus (121-180)
Marci Antonini Imperatoris de rebus suis
trans. Thomas Gataker (1697)GB 
trans. Thomas Gataker (impensis Edv. Millington, in Vico vulgò dicto Little Britain. Veneunt apud bibliopolas Londin. & utriusque Academiae, 1697)GB 
trans. Thomas Gataker (Londini : impensis Edv. Millingtoni ..., 1697)IA 
trans. Thomas Gataker (Londinium, 1697)BSB 
2nd ed. / trans. Thomas Gataker (impensis Edv. Millingtoni, 1697)GB 
Aymon, Jean (1661-1720)  fr
Verwandelungen der römischen religion welche in einer antwort auf das von dem herrn cardinal Le Camus an ihn abgelassenen schreiben gezeiget und ... erwiesen Johannes Aymon ... (Hannover : N. Förstern, 1702)
Bacon, Francis (1561-1626)  en
The essays, or councils, civil and moral, of Sir Francis Bacon ... With A table of the colours of good and evil. And a discourse of The wisdom of the ancients. To this ed. is added, The character of Queen Elizabeth, never before printed in English (London : A. Swalle and T. Childe, 1696)
Letters of S[i]r Francis Bacon ... written during the reign of King James the First, ed. Robert Stephens (Benj. Tooke, 1702)
Letters of Sr Francis Bacon. Written during the reign of King James the First. Now collected, and augmented with several letters and memoires, address'd by him to the King and Duke of Buckingham, which was never before published. The whole being illustrated by an historical introd. and some observations, and dispos'd according to the series of time (London : B. Tooke, 1702)
La nouvelle Atlantide de François Bacon,... traduite en françois, et continuée, avec des réflexions sur l'institution et les occupations des académies françoise, des sciences et des inscriptions, trans. Gilles Bernard Raguet (Paris : J. Musier, 1702)
Bagshawe, William (1628-1702)  en
Essays on union to Christ : being the substance of several sermons (London : Nevil Simmons, 1703)
De spiritualibus Pecci: Notes, (or notices) concerning the work of God, and some of those who have been workers together with God, in the hundred of the High Peak in Derbyshire. By W. Bagshaw, ... (Nevill Simmons, bookseller in Sheffield, 1702)
Baier, Johann Wilhelm, Sr (1647-1695)  en de
Ad panegyricum Friderico Wilhelmo II. Marchioni Brandenburgico, Electoratus Brandenburgici haeredi, Academiae Fridericianae Rectori, natali die, 4. Augusti 1694 a Carolo Ernesto de Grumkau dicendum (Halae, 1694)
Auspicatissimum Natalem ... Friderici III., marchionis Brandenburgici ... et una iteratam ... Friderici Wilhelmi, ... nec non novi prorectoris magnifici proclamationem indicit Joannes Wilhelmus Baier (Halae, 1695)
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