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Westminster Assembly (1643-1653)  en
The humble advice of the Assembly of Divines, now by authority of Parliament sitting at Westminster, concerning a confession of faith : with the quotations and texts of Scripture annexed ; presented by them lately to both Houses of Parliament (Edinburgh : E. Tyler, Printer to the King, 1647)
Propositions concerning church government and ordination of ministers (London : Robert Bostock, 1647)
Propositions concerning church-government and ordination of ministers (Edinburgh: : Evan Tyler, printer to the Kings most excellent majestie., 1647)
Wettstein, Johann Rudolf, Sr (1614-1684)
Disputatio logica, exhibens positiones quasdam, ex libr. Aristotel. peri hermēneias, praecipue desumtas / quas ... sub praesidio ... D.M. Io. Rodolphi Wetsteinii ... publicae disquisitioni subiicit Heinricus Stockerus, Scaphusa-Helvetius. Ad diem Maii, an. MDCXLIII (Basileae : Typis Georgii Deckeri, Acad. Typogr., 1643)
Whincop, John (-1647)
Gods Call to Weeping and Mourning: Set Out in a Sermon Before the Honorable House of Commons Assembled in Parliament, at Their Late Solemne Fast, January 29, 1644. Being the Day Before the Treaty (at Uxbridge) Began (London : John Field, 1646)
Whitaker, Jeremiah (1599-1654)  en
The Christians great design on earth, is, to attain assurance for heaven: or, How in this life hee may lay hold on eternall life: set forth in a sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Lord Major, the Court of Aldermen, and other worthy citizens of the city of London, at a solemn anniversarie meeting, April 8. 1645. (London : G. Miller, 1645)
White, John (1575-1648)  
The first century of scandalous, malignant priests, made and admitted into benefices by the prelates, in whose hands the ordination of ministers and government of the Church hath been : or, a narration of the causes for which the Parliament hath orderedthe sequestration of the benefices of severall ministers .. (London : George Miller, 1643)
A Way to the Tree of Life: discovered in sundry directions for the profitable reading of the Scriptures [With a recommendatory epistle by Thomas Goodwin.] (London, 1647)
Wichelmann, Hartwig (1612-1647)
Discursus philosoph. de sophisticationibus scilicet in genere et in specie earumque solutionibus (Regiomonti, 1646) / added author(s): Michael Watson
Discursus philosoph. De summo bono humano, quale id sit, et cujus scientiae sit ... (Regiomonti, 1643)
Discursus philosophicus de enunciatione et propositione pura et modali (Regiomonti, 1646)
Discursus Physicus Continens Doctrinam De Meteoris Aqueis ([Königsberg], 1645)
Discursus physicus de loco (Regiomonti, 1644)
Disputatio phys. de motu animalium in genere (Regiomonti, 1645)
Disputatio Physica De Igne Fatuo, Lambente Et iis, qui Castoris, Pollucis Et Helenae Nomine Veniunt (Regiomonti, 1645)
Dissertatio philosoph. De summo bono humano (Regiomonti, 1643)
Wiedeburg, Heinrich (1587-1648)
Jesus Christus: Das einige Sünd: und Schuldopfer für alle Menschen: Das ist: Kürzliche Erklärung des wundertröstlichen Spruchs Pauli/ 2. Cor. 5. v. 21. : Bey dem Christlichen und ansehnlichen Begräbnus des Weiland Ehrnvesten/ Grosachtbarn und Wolgelarten Herrn Sebastian Märtens/ Fürstlichen/ Braunschw. und Lüneb. CammerSecretarii, Welcher im Jahr 1644. am 24. Novembris in seinem Erlöser und Seligmacher/ selig verschieden/ und den 29. desselben in sein Ruhkämmerlein an die Heinrichstätische Kirche hingeleget worden (Wulffenbüttel : Bismarck, 1645)
Wiggers, Johannes (1571-1639)
In Primam partem (secundam, tertiam...) Divi Thoma Aquinatis commentaria (C. Coenestenium, 1643)
Williams, Roger (c.1606-1683)
A key into the language of America: or, An help to the language of the natives in that part of America, called New-England. : Together, with briefe observations of the customes, manners and worships, &c. of the aforesaid natives, in peace and warre, in life and death. On all which are added spirituall observations, generall and particular by the authour, of chiefe and speciall use (upon all occasions,) to all the English inhabiting those parts; yet pleasant and profitable to the view of all men:, vol. 1 (London : Gregory Dexter, 1643)
Wilson, Thomas (1601-1653)
The childes trade, or, The beginning of the doctrine of Christ whereby babes may have milk, children bread broken, the simple wisdome, and the dark a candle ... (London : I. Bartlet ..., 1645)
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