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Arnold, Gottfried (1666-1714)  en de
Unpartheyische Kirchen- und Ketzer-Historien / 3 (Schaffhausen, 1742)
Unpartheyische Kirchen- und Ketzer-Historien: Vom Anfang Des Neuen Testaments biß auf das Jahr Christi 1688, vol. 2 (Hurter, 1741)
Unpartheysche Kirchen- u. Ketzer-Historie ()
Vol. 1 (1740)
Vol. 2 (1741) GB 
Vol. 3 (1742) GB 
Wahre Abbildung der ersten Christen nach ihrem lebendigen Glauben und heiligen Leben, 6th ed.
6th ed. / Leipzig : Fuchs, 1740GB 
Asbrand, Johann Philipp Burckhard (1722-1779)  de
Dissertatio Philosophica, De Imagine Dei In Homine Primaevo, Fini Convenientissima (Marburgi, 1743) / added author(s): Johann Adolph Hartmann
Ashe, Simeon (-1662)  en
Gewinn Eenes Trouwen Christens Deur Dendood : G'opend, bevestigd, en beweesen in een Predikatie Ter begraevenis van den hoogeedele Essex, Graevin van Manchester (1750)
Gewinn Eenes Trouwen Christens Deur Dendood: G'opend, bevestigd, en beweesen in een Predikatie Ter begraevenis van den hoogeedele Essex, Graevin van Manchester (1750)
Ashley, Jonathan (1712-1780)
The great duty of charity considered and applied in a sermon : preached at the Church in Brattle-Street, Boston, on the Lord's-Day, November 28, 1742 (Boston, 1742)
A Letter from the Reverend Mr. Jonathan Ashley, to the Reverend Mr. William Cooper: In Answer to His Objections to Mr. Ashley's Sermon; as Publish'd in the Boston Gazette, January 11th. 1743 (S. Eliot in Cornhil, 1743)
Athanasius (c.293-373)
Traduction d'un excellent discours contre ceux qui jugent de la vérité par la seule autorité de la multitude (1740)
Atkey, Anthony (1702-1734)
The Main Argument of a Late Book, Intitled, Christianity as Old as the Creation, Fairly Stated and Examined. Or, a Short View of that Whole Controversy (S. Lobb, Bath; C. Rivington, and J. Roberts, 1733)
Atterbury, Francis (1663-1732)  en
The late Bishop of Rochester's vindication of Bishop Smallridge, Dr. Aldrich, and himself, from the scandalous reflections of Oldmixon, relating to the publication of Lord Clarendon's History.. (Lately Paris: now re-London by T. Reynolds, near Hungerford-Market in the Strand, and sold by the Booksellers of London and Westminster., 1731)
Sermons and discourses on several subjects and occasions, vol. 2 (London : T. Woodward, 1735)
Sermons on several occasions (George James and sold by C. Davis, 1734)
Sermons on several occasions, publ. by T. Moore, ed. Thomas Moore (chaplain to bp. Atterbury)
ed. Thomas Moore (chaplain to bp. Atterbury) (1734)GB 
Augustine, Aurelius (354-430)
Les Confessions, vol. 1 (Paris : Pierre-Alexandre Martin, 1741)
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