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Bourdaloue, Louis, S.J. (1632-1704)
Sermons du père Bourdaloue: Table générale (Rigaud, 1778)
Sermons, panégyriques, oraisons funèbres, méditations et pensées, vol. 17 (1778)
Tomo primero de Las Dominicas, ed. Manuel Godos, Manuel Godos ((Madrid)), trans. Miguel del Castillo (Antonio Fernandez, 1777)
Tomo segundo de Los Panegyricos del P. Luis Burdalue de la extinguida Compañia llamada de Jesus, ed. Manuel Godos ((Madrid)), trans. Miguél del Castillo (Antonio Fernandez, 1778)
Brakel, Theodorus à (1608-1669)
De trappen van het geestelyk leven (Abraham Cornelis, en Arie Goejet, 1780)
Brakel, Wilhelmus à (1635-1711)  en nl
Logikē latreia: dat is redelyke godtsdienst
19th ed. / 1780GB 
19th ed. / Dordrecht
Vol. 1 (1780) BSB 
Vol. 3 (1780) BSB 
De waare christen, of opregte gelovige hebbende deel aan God in Christus ...: Begreepen in 10. uytgeleese leerredenen, (Abraham Cornelis, 1777)
Brocklesby, Richard (1722-1797)
Description and Use of the Cabbage-Bark Tree of Jamaica. By William Wright, M. D.; Communicated by Richard Brocklesby, M. D. F. R. S. (1777)
Bromley, Thomas (1629-1691)
Ueber die göttlichen Offenbarungen, welche man ausserordentlich zu nennen pflegt : Aus dem Englischen übersetzt (1784)
Brown of Haddington, John (1722-1787)
The absurdity and perfidy of all authoritative toleration of gross heresy, blasphemy, idolatry, popery, in Britain : in two letters to a friend, in which the doctrine of the Westminster confession of faith relative to toletration of a false religion, and the power of the civil magistrate about sacred matters; and the nature, origin, ends and obligation of the National covenant and solemn league are candidly represented and defended (Glasgow : John Bryce, 1780) [With this is bound: A defence of covenanting, against the attacks made thereon in a late publication, intituled, A dissertation on the nature and genius of the Kingdom of Christ ... by Patrick Hutchison ... (Glasgow : Printed by John Bryce, 1780) -- A full and true state of the controversy, concerning the Marrow of modern divinity ... (Glasgow : Printed by John Bryce, 1773)]
The Christian journal, or, Common incidents, spiritual instructors: being a series of meditations on a spring, summer, harvest, winter and Sabbath-day, 4th ed. (G. Alston, 1782)
A compendious history of the British churches in England, Scotland, Ireland, and America, vol. 1 (J. Bryce, 1784)
A compendious view of natural and revealed religion .. (Glasgow : J. Bryce, for J. Mathews, London, 1782)
Bruce, Archibald (1746-1815)
Free thoughts on the toleration of popery, by Calvinus Minor (1780)
Brucker, Johann Jakob (1696-1770)  en de
Eerste beginselen van de historie der filozofie (G. T. en Abr. van Paddenburg, 1778)
Brugmans, Antonius (1732-1789)
Herrn Anton Brugmans ... Beobachtungen über die Verwandtschaften des Magnets (Leipzig, 1781)
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