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Gauden, John (c.1600-1662)  en
Eikon basilike oft Konincklijck memoriael; van sijn majesteyt van Groot Britannie's naghelatene schriften, waer inne hy sijn recht christelijck gemoet ... bekent maeckt (Jan Jansz., 1649)
Eikon Basilike, oder Abbildung des Königes Carl in seinen Drangsalen und gefänglicher Verwahrung, ins Teutsche versetztet. - o.O. 1649 (1649)
Eikōn basilikē. Le portrait du roy de la Grand' Bretagne. Durant sa solitude & ses souffrances. .. (Iean Berthelin, dans la court du palais, 1649)
Eikon basilike. Le portrait du roy de la Grand' Bretagne. Fait de sa propre main durant sa solitude et ses souffrances. 3. Ed. corr (Jean Berthelin, 1649)
Eikōn basilikē. Vel imago regis Caroli. In illis suis aerumnis et solitudine. .. (ex officina Samuelis Broun, bibliopolae Anglici, 1649)
Geilfus, Johann (1592-1654)
Jehova Hygeiae & Panaceae Parente aspirante, Disputatio Inauguralis, De Pestilentia (Tubingae : Brunnius, 1649)
Geluwe, Arnold van (1604-1675)
Catholijcken echo ofte Waeren Gentschen weder-galm, teghen de valsch-opwerpende stemme van onse daghelijksche over-komende ghepretendeerde ghereformeerde ... (de wed. van Jan Cnobbaert, 1649)
Catholycken echo, ofte Waeren Gendtschen vveder-galm ... teghen de ... stemmen der ghepretendeerde ghereformeerde, door Arnoudt van Geluvve ... [Frederik Bouttats, Arnold Loemans, Jan Thomas II]. (de weduwe van Jan Cnobbaert, 1649)
Geree, John (c.1600-1649)
ΚΑΤΑΔΥΝΑΣΤΗΣ: Might overcoming Right. Or, A cleer answer to M. John Goodwin's Might and Right well met (London : Robert Bostock, 1649)
Gillespie, George (1613-1648)  en
A treatise of miscellany questions wherein many usefull questions and cases of conscience are discussed and resolved ... (Edinburgh : Gedeon Lithgovv ... for George Svvintoun, and are to be sold at his shop ..., 1649)
A treatise of miscellany questions: wherein many usefull questions & cases of conscience are discussed & resolved: for the satisfaction of those, who desire nothing more, than to search for & finde out precious truths, in the controversies of these times (Edinburgh : G. Lithgovv for G. Svvintoun, 1649)
An usefull case of conscience discussed and resolved concerning associations and confederacies with idolaters, infidels, hereticks, or any other known enemies of truth and godlinesse. By Master George Gillespie, late minister at Edinburgh. Whereunto is subjoyned a letter, written by him to the commissioners of the Generall Assembly, in the time of his sicknesse: together with his testimony unto this truth, written two dayes before his death. (Edinburgh : heires of George Anderson, for Andro Wilson, 1649)
An usefull case of conscience discussed and resolved: concerning associations and confederacies with idolaters, infidels, hereticks or any other known enemies of truth and godliness (Edinburgh : heires of G. Anderson, for Andro Wilson, 1649)
Glass, Salomon (1593-1656)  en de
Christologias Mosaicae, Qua Verba, dicta, & typi, quibus Jesus Christus, Filius Dei in Pentateucho Mosis proponitur, exegetice, elenctice & practice, pio studio expenduntur, Dissertationum Pentas, Ex primis Geneseos capitibus, quibus antediluviana historia describitur, In illustri Academia Salana, ad publicas ... proposita, Anno 1640. / a Salomone Glassio D. ... (Ienae : Christian Lorenz Kämpf, 1649)
Evangelicorum et epistolicorum textuum: qui dominicis et festis diebus in ecclesia tractari solent, exegesis (Gotæ : Wolfgangi Endteri)
Vol. 3 (1649)
Vol. 4 (1649) GB 
Goodwin, John (c.1594-1665)  en
Hybristodikai.: The obstructours of justice. Or a defence of the honourable sentence passed upon the late King, by the High Court of Justice. Opposed chiefly to the serious and faithfull representation and vindication of some of the ministers of London. As also to, The humble addresse of Dr. Hamond, to His Excellencie and Councel of warre. Wherein the justice, and equitie of the said sentence is demonstratively asserted, as well upon clear texts of Scripture, as principles of reason, grounds of law, authorities, presidents, as well forreign, as domestique. Together with, a brief reply to Mr. John Geree's book, intituled, Might overcoming right: wherein the act of the Armie in garbling the Parliament, is further cleared. As also, some further reckonings between thesaid [sic] Dr. Hamond and the authour, made straight. (London : Printed for Henry Cripps, and Lodowick Lloyd : and are to be sold in Popes-head-Alley, 1649)
The Vnrighteous iudge, or an answer to a printed paper, pretending a letter to Mr Io. Goodvvin,: by Sir Francis Nethersole knight. Wherein the rough things of the said pretended letter, are made smooth, and the crooked things straight: and the predominant designe of it fully evinced to be, either an unscholarlike oscitancie and mistake, or else somewhat much worse. (London : G. Dawson for Henry Cripps, and are to sold [sic] in Popes-head Allie, 1649)
Grotius, Hugo (1583-1645)  en nl
Hugo de Grotts Uytlegginge van eenige Plaetsen des Nieuwen Testaments, handelende van den Anti-Christi (1649)
Kort begryp der voornaemste hooft-geschillen des geloofs. : Nevens twee vonnissen der Griecksche Kercke, over de doolinghen der Kalvinisten ... Als oock eenighe hooftstucken der Christelijcke religie (1649)
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