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Baruh, Raphael (-1800)
Critica sacra examined: or, An attempt to show that a new method may be found to reconcile the seemingly glaring variations in parallel passages of Scripture. And that such variations, consequently, are no proofs of corruptions, or mistakes, of transcribers (London, 1775)
Baumeister, Friedrich Christian (1709-1785)
Institutiones Philosophiae rationalis (1775)
Berti, Giovanni Lorenzo, O.E.S.A. (1696-1766)
Breviarium Historiae Ecclesiasticae: Quae Progreditur A Seculo Ecclesiae Undecimo Usque Ad Annun Vulgaris Aerae Millesimum Septingentesimum Septuagesimum Quintum, Cum Octo Indicibus Chronologicis Ad Calcem Appositis, vol. 2 (Rieger, 1775)
Beukelman, Johannes (1704-1757)
De lydende en verheerlykte Immanuël; of, Volledige verklaaring over alle de lydens en feest-stoffen, in negen en vyftig leerredenen en eene inleidings-leerreden tot de lydens-geschiedenis,: waar by gevoegt zyn drie leerredenen over den lofzang Simeons en eene belydenis-predikatie, (Jan Abraham Bouvink, 1775)
Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne (1627-1704)
Einleitung in die Geschichte der Welt und der Religion. ...
Verlegts Bernhard Christoph Breitkopf, 1775GB 
Boston, Thomas (1676-1732)
The Christian Life delineated in the principal lines thereof, both as to its rise and progress : in several practical discourses ... (Edinburgh : and for John Gray, 1775)
De gemeenschap der heiligen, vertoont en bevorderd wordende door 't Heilig Avondmaal: voorgestelt in eene verhandeling over I. Cor. X. 17 (Johannes Hasebroek, te Amsterdam, by Nicolaas Byl, te Utrecht, by de wed. J.J. van Poolsum, 1775)
View of the covenant of grace from the sacred records... (Edinburgh : and for John Gray, 1775)
A view of the covenant of works from the sacred records : wherein the parties in that covenant, its parts...our father Adam's breaking of it, the imputation of that breach to his posterity, and the state of men under that broken covenant, and under the curse thereof, are distinctly considered : together with a particular application of the subject, for the conviction both of saints and sinners (Edinburgh : and for John Gray, 1775)
A view of this and the other world : with the state of saints and sinners in both, contrasted : particularly describing the solemn entrance which the soul makes into the other world at death : in several practical discourses (Edinburgh : and for John Gray, 1775)
Burgh, William (1741-1808)
A Scriptural Confutation of the Arguments Against the One Godhead of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost: Produced by the Reverend Mr. Lindsey in His Late Apology (A. Ward, 1775)
Burn, Richard (1709-1785)
Ecclesiastical Law, 3rd ed., vol. 2 (W. Strahan and M. Woodfall, 1775)
Calamy, Edmund (1671-1732)  en
The nonconformist's memorial: being an account of the ministers, who were ejected or silenced after the Restoration : particularly by the Act of Uniformity, which took place on Bartholomew-day, Aug. 24, 1662. Containing a concise view of their lives and characters, their principles, sufferings, and printed works. Originally written by the Reverend and learned Edmund Calamy ... Now abridged and corrected, and the author's additions inserted ... by Samuel Palmer ..., ed. Samuel Palmer (London)
Vol. 1 (1775)
Vol. 2 (1775) GB 
Cayley, Cornelius (1729-c.1780)
The Spiritual Guide ... First Printed in Italian at Venice, in 1675; and in this Present English Edition Carefully Revised with the Original [by Cornelius Cayley] ... To which is Added, a New Translation of the Author's Preface and Introduction (J. Bowling, 1775)
Challoner, Richard (1691-1781)
The grounds of the Catholick doctrine: contained in the profession of faith (W. Stuart, 1775)
Cockin, William (1736-1801)
The art of delivering written language: or, An essay on reading. In which the subject is treated philosophically as well as with a view to practice (H. Hugs for J. Dodsley, 1775)
Cotes, Roger (1682-1716)
Hydrostatical and pneumatical lectures, 3rd ed. (J. Nourse, in the Strand, and sold by T. and J. Merrill, in Cambridge, 1775)
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