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Bayly, Anselm (-1794)
A practical treatise on singing and playing with just expression and real elegance: Being an essay on I. Grammar. II. Pronunciation; or, The art of just speaking. III. Singing -- its graces -- their application. -- On cathedral compositions (J. Ridley, 1771)
Bayly, Lewis (c.1575-1631)  en
La Pratica da Pietaet
Gadina, 1771GB 
Vol. 1 (1771) GB 
La Pratica da Pietaet / [1] : chi intraguida il christian co ch'el possa s'instruir in la tema da Dieu (Scuol : Gadina, 1771)
La Pratica da Pietaet / 2 : chi comprehenda in se üna importaunta Art da meditaer (Scuol : Gadina, 1771)
Beausobre, Isaac (1659-1738)  en fr
Le Nouveau Testament (1771)
Becanus, Martinus, S.J. (1563-1624)  en de
Compendium Manualis controversiarum hujus temporis ...
Kaufbura, 1771BSB 
Benezet, Anthony (1713-1784)  
[ Quaker ]
Some historical account of Guinea
Philadelphia : Joseph Crukshank, 1771IA 
Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne (1627-1704)
Defensa de la declaracion de la asamblea del clero de Francia de 1682 a cerca [sic] de la potestad eclesiastica, trans. Francisco Martínez Molés (en la oficina de Pedro Marin, 1771)
L'esprit de Bossuet ou choix de pensées tirées de ses meilleurs ouvrages (Soc. tipogr., 1771)
Bourdaloue, Louis, S.J. (1632-1704)
Sermons ()
Vol. 8 (1771)
Bunyan, John (1628-1688)
The Pilgrim's Progress: From this World to that which is to Come, Delivered Under the Similitude of a Dream, Wherein is Discovered: I. the Manner of His Setting Out, II. His Dangerous Journey; and III. His Safe Arrival at the Desired Country, 32th ed. (J. and F. Rivington, B. Law, W. Strahan, Hawes and Company, H. Woodfall, E. Johnston, and R. Baldwin, 1771)
Burlamaqui, Jean Jacques (1694-1748)
Principes du droit naturel (Paris : Palais de l'Union, 1771)
Castiglione, Baldassare (1478-1529)
Lettere, vol. 2 (1771)
Cayley, Cornelius (1729-c.1780)
The olive-branch of peace. With the Shulamite: a poem (1771)
The Olive-branch of Peace. With the Shulamite: a Poem (Author, 1771)
Chauncy, Charles (1705-1787)  en
A compleat view of episcopacy, : as exhibited from the fathers of the Christian church, until the close of the second century: : containing an impartial account of them, of their writings, and of what they say concerning bishops and presbyters; with observations, and remarks, tending to shew, that they esteemed these one and same order of ecclesiastical officers. : In answer to those, who have represented it as a certain fact, universally handed down, even from the apostles days, that governing and ordaining authority was exercised by such bishops only, as were of an order superior to presbyters. (Boston : Daniel Kneeland, in Queen-Street, for Thomas Leverett, in Corn-Hill., 1771)
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