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Bates, William (1625-1699)  en
An Account of the Life and Death of Mr. Philip Henry (London : Tho. Parkhurst, 1699)
An account of the life and death of Ph. Henry ... (London, 1699)
Spiritual Perfection Unfolded and Enforced (R.T.S., 1699)
Spiritual perfection, unfolded and enforced from 2 Cor. VII, 1 having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse our selves from all filthiness of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God (London : Jonathan Robinson ... and Brabazon Aylmer ..., 1699)
Baxter, Richard (1615-1691)  en de
A Paraphrase on the New Testament with Notes Doctrinal and Practical ... (and ) an Advertisement of Difficulties in the Revelations. 2. Ed (London : Parkhurst, 1699)
Bayle, Pierre (1647-1706)
Pensées diverses écrites à un docteur de Sorbonne à l'occasion de la comète qui parut au mois de décembre 1680, 3rd ed.
3rd ed. / R. Leers, 1699GB 
Bechmann, Friedemann (1628-1703)  de
Fridem. Bechmannus, Ss. Theol. Doctor Et Prof. Publ. Collegii Theol. Senior Et. H.T. Decanus, L.S.D. : [P.P. Ien. d. 2. Iul. 1699.] (Ienae, 1699)
Ingressus in Sacrosanctum Ministerium ex Johannis Baptistae et Christi in id ingressu delineatus
Ingressus in SS. ministerium, ex Joannis Bapt. et Christi in id ingressu delineatus (Jena, 1699)
Becmann, Johann Christoph (1641-1717)  de
Diss. de bellis domini (Pfotenhauer, 1699)
Diss. de iure idiomatis (Francofurti, 1699)
Diss. de novitate (Francofurti, 1699)
Dissertationum Academicarum Volumen Novum Varias Materias Singulares Exhibens (Francofurti & Lipsiae : Pfotenhauer, 1699)
Bentley, Richard (1662-1742)
A dissertation upon the epistles of Phalaris : With an answer to the objections of the honourable Charles Boyle, esq. (London : Mortlock u.a., 1699)
A dissertation upon the epistles of Phalaris: With an answer to the objections of the honourable Charles Boyle, esq (Mortlock, 1699)
A dissertation upon the epistles of Phalaris. With an answer to the objections of the Honourable Charles Boyle .. (London : J. H. for H. Mortlock and J. Hartley, 1699)
The folly and unreasonableness of atheism: demonstrated from the advantage and pleasure of a religious life, the faculties of human souls, the structure of animate bodies, & the origin and frame of the world : in eight sermons preached at the lecture founded by the honourable Robert Boyle ... (London : J.H. for H. Mortlock, 1699)
Bernier, François (1620-1688)
Voyages de François Bernier...: contenant la description des Etats du Grand Mongol, vol. 2 (Paul Marret, 1699)
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