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Hardtschmidt, Johann Nicolaus (-1706)
De conventiculis, disputatio theologica ...: eaque historica (Argentorati : Spoor, 1705)
De Perfectione Fidelium ex Philipp. cap. 4. vers. 13 Dissertationem Theologicam Jehovah Juvante (Argentorati, 1705)
Disputatio Quarta De Religione Eclectica Seu Prudentum (Argentorati, 1705)
Disputatio Secunda De Religione Eclectica Seu Prudentum (Argentorati, 1705)
Disputatio Secunda De Religione Eclectica Seu Prudentum ad Locum 1. Thessal. V.21 (Argentorati, 1705)
Disputatio Theologica De Naufragio Fidei : Ex 1. Tim. I. Cap. Vers. 19. (Argentorati, 1705)
Theses Theologicae Oppositae Erroribus Quibusdam Pietisticis (Argentorati, 1705)
Haug, Johann Friedrich (1680-1753)
De theologia mystica , in inclyta Argentoratensium academia, praeside Dn. Johanne Joachimo Zentgravio,... in solenni auditorio respondebit Johannes Fridericus Haug,... d... mens. octobr. anno gratiae 1701 (Argentorati : J. F. Spoor, 1705)
Herbert of Cherbury, Edward (1583-1648)
The antient religion of the gentiles, and causes of their errors consider'd: the mistakes and failures of the heathen priests and wise-men, in their notions of the deity, and matters of divine worship, are examin'd, with regard to their being altogether destitute of divine revelation (John Nutt, 1705)
Hevenesi, Gabriel, S.J. (1656-1715)
Scintillae Ignatianae, Sive Sancti Ignatii De Loyola, Societatis Jesu Fundatoris Apophtegmata Sacra (Schlegel, 1705)
Hickes, George (1642-1715)
Antiquae literaturae septentrionalis libri duo: quorum primus Georgii Hickesii, S.T.P. Linguarum Vett. septentrionalium Thesaurum grammatico-criticum & archaeologicum, ejusdem de antiquae literaturae septentrionalis utilitate dissertationem epistolarem, et Andreae Fountaine equitis ..., vol. 2 (e Theatro Sheldoniano, 1705)
Hoadly, Benjamin (1676-1761)
A sermon preach'd on the eighth of March, 1704/5 : being the anniversary of thanksgiving for the Queen's accession to the crown (London : H. Clark, for Timothy Childe, 1705)
Hoe von Hoenegg, Matthias (1580-1645)
Christliches Bedenken, wie sich diejenigen verhalten sollen, denen ... Päbstische Lehr anzunehmen ... zugemuthet wird (Leipzig, 1705)
Holtzfus, Barthold (1659-1717)  de
Dissertatio theologica de nominibus Dei (Francofurt an der Oder : Schwartz, 1705)
Dissertatio theologica de scriptura sacra (Francofurti ad Viadrum, 1705)
Monitum Ad Christianum & Pium Lectorem, spectans Tractatum Theologicum de Praedestinatione, Electione & Reprobatione (1705)
Hooke, Robert (1635-1703)  en
The Posthumous Works of Robert Hooke, ... Containing His Cutlerian Lectures, and Other Discourses, Read at the Meetings of the Illustrious Royal Society. ... Illustrated with Sculptures. To These Discourses is Prefixt the Author's Life, ... Publish'd by Richard Waller (London : Sam Smith, 1705)
Horneck, Anthony (1641-1697)
The crucified Jesus: or, A full account of the nature, and, design, & benefits of the sacrament of the Lord's Supper. With necessary directions, prayers, praises, and meditations, to be used by persons who come to the Holy Communion (A. Lowndes, 1705)
Hottinger, Johann Jakob (1652-1735)  en
Diatribe Theologica De Frequenti Communione (Tiguri, 1705)
Hunnius, Aegidius (1550-1603)  en de
Thesaurus Apostolicus Complectens Commentarios in omnes Novi Testamenti Epistolas Et Apocalypsin Iohannis / Nunc primum hac forma editus et novis, quae antea deficiebant, commentationibus auctus et locupletatus a Jo. Henrico Feustkingio (Witebergae : Gerdesius, 1705)
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