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Gelen, Victor (1590-1669)
Summa practica theologiae mysticae
Colonia, 1646BSB 
Summa Practica Theologiae Mysticae : In Omnes Ab Infimis Vsqe Ad Svpremos Divini Annimi Statvs, Operationes ... Digesta, In Dvas Partes (Coloniae Agrippinae : Kalckhoven, 1646)
Summa practica theologiae mysticae, in omnes ab infimis vsque ad supremos diuini animi status, operationes, et dispositiones magis notabiles, ordine consecutiuo digesta: in duas partes (apud Iodocum Kalcouen bibliopolam, 1646)
Gentillet, Innocent (c.1532-1588)
Regentenkunst oder Fürstenspiegel/ Das ist: Gründtliche Vnderweisung/ wie vnd welcher gestalt ein Königreich/ Fürstenthumb vnd Republick/ weißlichen anzustellen/ glücklichen vnd wol zu verwalten : Nicolai Machiauelli von Florentz/ falschgenannten Grundsprüchen entgegen gesetzt: Allen Christlichen Fürsten/ Herren/ hohen vnd nidern Regiments-Personen/ zu gutem in Teutsche Spraach gebracht: Vnd mit einem nutzlichen Register geziert / [Innocent Gentillet] ([Basel] : König, 1646)
Giles of Rome, O.E.S.A. (1243-1316)
Quodlibeta (Minerva, 1646)
Gillespie, George (1613-1648)  en
Aarons rod blossoming, or, the divine ordinance of church government vindicated ... (London : E.G. for Richard Whitaker, 1646)
Aarons rod blossoming, or, The divine ordinance of church-government vindicated so as the present Erastian controversie concerning the distinction of civill and ecclesiasticall government, excommunication, and suspension, is fully debated and discussed, from the holy scripture, from the Jewish and Christian antiquities, from the consent of latter writers, from the true nature and rights of magistracy, and from the groundlesnesse of the chief objections made against the Presbyteriall government in point of a domineering arbitrary unlimited power (London : E.G. for Richard Whitaker ..., 1646)
Male audis or An answer to Mr. Coleman his Malè dicis.: Wherein the repugnancy of his Erastian doctrine to the word of God, to the solemne League and Covenant, and to the ordinances of Parliament: also his contradictions, tergiversations, heterodoxies, calumnies, and perverting of testimonies, are made more apparent then formerly. Together with some animadversions upon Master Hussey his Plea for Christian magistracy: shewing, that in divers of the afore mentioned particulars he hath miscarried as much, and in some particulars more then Mr Coleman. (London : Robert Bostocke at the Kings head in Paules Church-yard, 1646)
A sermon preached before the right honourable the House of Lords in the Abbey Church at Westminster, upon the 27th of August, 1645 being the day appointed for solemne and publique humiliation : whereunto is added a brotherly examination of some passages of Mr. Colemans late printed sermon upon Job 11.20, in which he hath endeavoured to strike at the root of all church-government (London : F. Neile for Robert Bostock ..., 1646)
Goodwin, John (c.1594-1665)  en
Cretensis: or A briefe answer to an ulcerous treatise, lately published by Mr Thomas Edvvards, intituled Gangræna:: calculated for the meridian of such passages in the said treatise, which relate to Mr. John Goodwin; but may without any sensible error indifferently serve for the whole tract. Wherein some of the best means for the cure of the said dangerous ulcer, called gangræna, and to prevent the spreading of it to the danger of the precious soules of men, are clearly opened, and effectually applied; (London : M.S. for Henry Overton, and are to be sold at his shop in Popes-head Alley, 1646)
Some modest and humble queries concerning a printed paper, intituled, An ordinance presented to the Honourable House of Commons, &c. for the preventing of the growing and spreading of heresies, &c.: (London : Matthew Simmons for Henry Overton, and are to be sold in Popes-head Alley, 1646)
Twelve considerable serious cautions, very necessary to be observed, in, and about a reformation according to the Word of God.: Wherein diverse particular inconsistences with the word of God, very incident to reformations (so called) are briefly insisted upon, and argued from the Word of God. (London : M.S. for Henry Overton, and are to be sold at his shop in Popes-head Alley, 1646)
Grotius, Hugo (1583-1645)  en nl
Annotationes in Novum Testamentum, vol. 2 (Author, 1646)
Annotationes in novum testamentum (Vidua Gulielmi Pele, 1646)
De iure belli et pacis (1646)
De jure belli ac pacis libri tres (apud Iohannem Blaev, 1646)
De jure belli ac pacis libri tres, in quibus jus naturae et gentium ; item juris publici praecipua explicantur (Apud Johannem Blaev, 1646)
Dissertatio de Coena administratione ubi pastores non sunt (1646)
Hugonis Grotii De iure belli ac pacis libri tres: in quibus jus Naturae & Gentium, item juris publici praecipua explicantur (Apud Iohannem Blaeu, 1646)
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