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Fleming, Robert (c.1660-1716)
Schlüssel zur Apocalypse : Aus dem Englischen übersetzt. Mit Kupfern / in einer Rede von Robert Flemming. Gedruckt zu London 1701 (Stettin : Kaffke, 1800)
Fletcher, John William (1729-1785)
An appeal to matter of fact and common sense, or, A rational demonstration of man's corrupt and lost estate (New York : Kirk & Robinson, for the Methodist Society, and sold by E. Cooper and J. Wilson at the Book Room, 1804)
Fontenelle, Bernard le Bovier de (1657-1757)
Entretiens sur la pluralité des mondes, augmentés des dialogues des morts (Leroy, 1800)
Entretiens sur la pluralité des Mondes: augmentés des dialogues des morts (Impr. de Leroy, 1800)
Entretiens sur la pluralité des mondes: augmentés des Dialogues des morts (Imprimerie de Leroy, 1800)
Francke, August Hermann (1663-1727)  en
Nicodemus, or, A treatise against the fear of man : wherein the causes and sad effects thereof are briefly described, with some remedies against it (London : S. Hazard, 1801)
Nicodemus; or A treatise against the fear of man. Rendered into Engl, 3rd ed. (1801)
Fuller, Andrew (1754-1815)
The backslider; or, An enquiry into the nature, symptoms, and effects of religious declension, with the means of recovery (J.W. Morris., 1801)
The Gospel its own witness
Isaac Collins for Cornelius Davis, 1801GB 
New York : Isaac Collins for Cornelius Davis, 1801IA 
The gospel its own witness; or, The holy nature and divine harmony of the Christian religion, contrasted with the immorality and absurdity of deism (William W. Morse, 1801)
The Gospel its own witness: or, The holy nature, and divine harmony of the Christian religion: contrasted with the immortality and absurdity of deism, 3rd ed. (J.W. Morris, Clipstone, 1802)
Mr. Fuller's letters to Mr. Vidler, on the doctrine of universal salvation (Clipstone : and for J.W. Morris, 1802)
A New-Year's gift for youth (Manning and Loring, 1802)
Geddes, Alexander (1737-1802)
Critical Remarks on the Hebrew Scriptures: Remarks on the Pentateuch, vol. 1 (Davis, Wilks, and Taylor, 1800)
Gerard, Alexander (1728-1795)
Vorlesungen über die Führung des Pastoralamtes (Stahel, 1803)
Gmeiner, Franz Xaver (1752-1822)
Epitome historiae ecclesiasticae Novi Testamenti: in usum praelectionum academicarum. Complectens duas epochas posteriores, vol. 2 (Ferstl, 1803)
Goodwin, John (c.1594-1665)  en
The errours of the carelesse by necessitie confuted [by J. Goodwin?]. (1800)
Goudin, Antonine, O.P. (1635-1695)
Philosophia thomistica, juxta inconcussa, tutissimaque Divi Thomae dogmata : quatuor tomis comprehensa / auctore P.Fr. Antonio Goudin... Ordinis Preaedicatorum... ; tomus secundus, primam, & secundam Physicae partem continens (Matriti : Apud Hieronymum Ortega, 1800)
Philosophia thomistica: juxta inconcussa, tutissimaque divi Thomae dogmata, quatuor tomis comprehensa. Auctore ... Antonio Goudin. Ed. novissima, áccuratissime correcta elementis chronologize, & geographiae nunc recens exornata, & figuris aeneis illustrata praecipue ubi de modernis ..., vol. 2 (H. Ortega, 1800)
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