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Castell, Edmund (bap.1606-1685)  en
Lexicon Syriacum ex ejus Lexico Heptaglotto seorsim typis describi curavit atque sua adnotata adjecit J. D. Michaelis, Part 1 (1788)
Lexicon Syriacum ex ejus Lexico Heptaglotto seorsim typis describi curavit atque sua adnotata adjecit J. D. Michaelis, Part 2 (1788)
Lexicon Syriacum ex ejus lexico heptaglotto seorsim typis describi curavit atque sua adnotata adjecit Joannes David Michaelis: Pars prima (Diederich, 1788)
Lexicon Syriacum: ex eius lexico heptaglotto seorsim typis describi curavit, ed. Johann David Michaelis (Sumptibus J.C. Dieterich, 1788)
Caussin, Nicolas (1583-1651)
La jornada del christiano, ed. Juan Antonio de Luna ((Madrid)), trans. Juan Conde (Benito Cano segun la edición de Amberes, 1787)
Cepari, Virgilio (1563-1631)
Vita di San Luigi Gonzaga della Compagnia di Gesu, ed. Giovanni Antonio Pezzana ((Venecia)) (appresso Gio. Antonio Pezzana, 1789)
Chalkley, Thomas (1675-1741)
[ Quaker ]
A collection of the works of Thomas Chalkley: In two parts (James & Johnson, 1790)
Challoner, Richard (1691-1781)
The Catholick Christian instructed in the Sacraments, Sacrifice...and Observances of the church (C. Talbot, 1786)
Charron, Pierre (1541-1603)
De la sagesse... (Barrois, 1789)
Chavannes, Alexandre-César (1731-1800)
Anthropologie ou science générale de l'homme: pour servir d'introduction à l'étude de la philosophie et des langues, et de guide dans le plan d'éducation intellectuelle (1788)
Essai sur l'éducation intellectuelle: avec le projet d'une science nouvelle (1787)
Essai sur l'éducation intellectuelle. Par A.-C. Chavannes (1787)
Cheyne, George (1671-1743)
A Treatise on Health and Long Life ...: To which is Added to this Edition, (not in Any Former One) the Life of the Author, 10th ed. (W. Kidd, 1787)
Church of Scotland
Act of the Associate Presbytery, concerning the doctrine of grace : wherein the said doctrine, as revealed in the Holy Scriptures, and agreeably thereto, set forth in our confession of faith and catechisms, is asserted and vindicated, from the errors vented and published in some acts of the assemblies of this church, passed in prejudice of the same .. (Edinburgh : Neill and Co. Sold by W. Laing, Edinburgh; J. Duncan, Glasgow; Morison and Son, Perth; W. Knight, Aberdeen, and R. Nicol, Dundee., 1789) [The act was passed Oct. 21, 1742]
A warning against Socinianism (Falkirk : Printed and sold by Patrick Mair : sold also by Mess. Duncan Ferguson, Glasgow; Michael Connal & Alexander Peebles, Stirling, 1788)
Claude, Jean (1619-1687)  en de
An essay on the composition of a sermon
London : T. Scollick ... and T. Wilson and R. Spence, York, 1788IA 
3rd ed. / T. Scollick
Vol. 2 (1788) GB 
4th ed. / T. Scollick
Vol. 1 (1788) GB 
Condorcet, Nicolas de (1743-1794)
Vie De Monsieur Turgot (Berne, 1787)
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