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Ambrose, Isaac (1604-1664)  en
The doctrine & directions but more especially the practice and behavior of a man in the act of the nevv birth A treatise by way of appendix to the former. By Isaac Ambrose, minister of Christ at Preston in Amounderness in Lancashire. (London : J.F. for Nathanael Webb and William Grantham, at the Greyhound in Pauls Church-yard, 1650)
Media: The Middle Things, in Reference to the First and Last Things; Or, The Means, Duties, Ordinances, Both Secret, Private and Publike, for Continuance and Increase of a Godly Life, (once Begun), Till We Come to Heaven, Wherein are Discovered Many Blessed Medium's Or Duties, in Their Right ... (N. Webb and W. Grantham, 1652)
Ultima: The Last Things, in Reference to the First and Middle Things: Or, Certain Meditations on Life, Death, Judgement, Hell, Right Purgatory, and Heaven (J.A. and are to be sold, 1650)
Ames, William (1576-1633)  en de
Christianæ catecheseoos sciagraphia, ubi sub S. Scripturae textu apposito, singulae Dominicae Catech. Reformatae breviter ... et perspicue enodantur et suis documentis ... illustrantur (Joannes Jansonius, 1650)
Coronis ad Collationem Hagiensem, qua argumenta pastorum Hollandiae adversus Remonstrantium quinque articulos de Divina praedestinatione et capitibus ei adnexis, producta, ab horum exceptionibus vindicantur (ap. Joann. Janssonium, 1650)
De conscientia : libri V. (Amstelodamum, 1650)
De conscientia et eius iure, vel casibus, libri quinque (Amsterdam, 1650)
Guilielmi Amesii ... Philosophemata, vol. 1 (apud Joannem Janssonium, 1651)
Gviliel Amesii Medvlla theologica (apud Ioannem Ianssonium, 1652)
Philosophemata (Amsterdam : Joannes Janssonius, 1651)
Ames, William (-1689)
The saints security against seducing spirits, or, The anointing from the holy one the best teaching. Delivered in a sermon, vol. 16 (1652)
Ames, William (1576-1633)  en de
Utriusque Epistolæ divi Petri apostoli explicatio analytica, documentis suis ubique illustrata, et applicata ... (Joannes Janssonius, 1650)
Amico, Bartolomeo, S.J. (1562-1649)  en
In Aristotelis libros de generatione, et corruptione, dilucida textus explicatione, et disputationes in quibus illustrium scholarum Averrois, D. Thomae, Scoti, & Nominalium sententiae expenduntur, earumque tuendarum probabliores modi asseruntur
Naples : Lucas Antonius Fuscus, 1649GB 
Amicus, Franciscus, S.J. (1578-1651)
Cursus theologicus, 3rd ed. (Antverpiae : apud Guilielmum Lesteenium)
Vol. 1 (1650) [De Deo vno et Trino]
Vol. 2 (1650) [De angelis] GB 
Vol. 3 (1650) [De vltimo fine hominis, actibus humanis, peccato, gratia] GB 
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