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Michaelis, Johann David (1717-1791)
Introduction to the New Testament, tr., and augmented with notes (and a Dissertation on the origin and composition of the three first gospels) by H. Marsh. 4 vols. [in 6 pt.]., ed. Herbert Marsh (bp. of Peterborough)
ed. Herbert Marsh (bp. of Peterborough) (1793)GB 
Johann David Michaelis neue orientalische und exegetische Bibliothek (Vandenhoek u. Ruprecht)
Vol. 9 (1793)
Johannis Davidis Michaelis Observationes Philologicae Et Criticae In Jeremiae Vaticania Et Threnos, ed. Johann Friedrich Schleusner (In Officina Vandenhoeck Et Rvprecht, 1793)
Johannis Davidis Michaelis Observationes Philologicae Et Criticae In Jeremiae Vaticinia Et Threnos (Vandenhoek Et Ruprecht, 1793)
Middleton, Conyers (1683-1759)
Conyers Middleton's, D. D. Vermischte Abhandlungen über einige wichtige theologische Gegenstände : Aus dem Englischen übersezt und mit einigen Zusätzen begleitet (Leipzig : Gräff, 1793)
Moore, John (1729-1802)
A journal during a residence in France, from the beginning of August, to the middle of December, 1792. To which is added, an account of the most remarkable events that happened at Paris from that time to the death of the late king of France, vol. 1 (London : G. G. J. and J. Robinson, 1793)
Newcome, Peter (1727-1797)
The history of the ancient and royal foundation, called the Abbey of St. Alban, in the county of Hertford, from the founding thereof in 793, to its dissolution in 1539 : exhibiting the life of each abbot, and the principal events relating to the monastery, during his rule and government : extracted from the most faithful authorities and records, both printed and manuscript (London : J. Nichols, and sold by S. Hooper, and W. Flexney ...)
Vol. 1 (1793)
Vol. 2 (1793) IA 
Nieremberg, Juan Eusebio, S.J. (1595-1658)
A treatise of the difference betwixt the temporal and eternal: Composed in Spanish ... (P. Hoey and R. Cross, 1793)
Owen, John (1616-1683)  en
The Nature, Power, Deceit, and Prevalency of Indwelling Sin in Believers: Together with the Ways of Its Working, and Means of Prevention (William Young, 1793)
Paine, Thomas (1737-1806)
A conversation supposed to have passed since the beginning of the month of December 1792: between Thomas Paine, Marat, Petion, Dumourier, and Roland; in which the views of France upon this country are somewhat developed (J. Bell, 1793)
La crise américaine (Buisson, 1793)
Droits de l'homme: en réponse a l'attaque de M. Burke sur la révolution françoise. I pte, 2nd ed., trans. François Soulés (F. Buisson, Imprimeur-Libraire, rue Hautefeuille, No. 20, 1793)
Recueil des divers Écrits ... sur la Politique (1793)
Le sens commun, adressé aux habitants de l'Amérique (Buisson, 1793)
The Trial of Thomas Paine: For Certain False, Wicked, Scandalous and Seditious Libels Inserted in the Second Part of the Rights of Man, Before the Right Hon. Lord Kenyon and a Special Jury, at Guildhall, on Tuesday the 18th December, 1792 (From the Press of John Parker, 1793)
The Whole Proceedings on the Trial of an Information Exhibited Ex Officio by the King's Attorney-General Against Thomas Paine: For a Libel Upon the Revolution and Settlement of the Crown and Regal Government as by Law Established; ... Tried by a Special Jury in the Court of King's Bench ... (Martha Gurney, 1793)
Paley, William (1743-1805)  en
Reasons for contentment; (London : R. Faulder, 1793)
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