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Burghaber, Adam, S.J. (1608-1687)
Widerlegung eines ... Tractätleins daß in Einsetzung des h. Abendmals das Wörtlein ist, vöst bestehe, und nicht bedeutet heiße (1682)
Burnet, Gilbert (1643-1715)  en
The abridgement of the History of the reformation of the Church of England (London : R.C., 1682)
The history of the rights of princes in the disposing of ecclesiastical benefices and church-lands: Relating chiefly to the pretensions of the crown of France to the regale, and the late contests with the court of Rome. To which is added, a collection of letters written on that occasion ..., Part 4 (London : J. D. for Richard Chiswell, at the Rose and Crown in St. Paul's church-yard, 1682)
The last confession, prayers and meditations of Lieuten. John Stern, delivered by him on the cart immediately before his execution to Dr. Burnet: Together with the last confession of George Borosky, signed by him in the prison and sealed up in the lieutenants pacquet, Issue 11 (London : R. Chiswell, 1682)
A sermon preached at the funeral of Mr. James Houblon who was buried at St. Mary Wolnoth Church in Lombard-Street June 28, 1682 (London : Richard Chiswell, 1682)
Bynaeus, Antonius (1654-1698)
De calceis Hebraeorum libri duo: accedit somnium de laudibus critices (1682)
De calceis Hebraeorum libri duo. Cum Tabulis aeneis elegantissimis & Indicibus uberrimis. Accedit Somnium de laudibus critices (Dordrecht : Caspari & Theodori Goris, 1682)
Calixt, Friedrich Ulrich (1622-1701)
Disputatio Theologica De Auctoritate Scripturae Sacrae / Quam ... Praeside ... Dn. Frid. Ulrico Calixto S. S. Theologiae Doctore ... in illustri Academia Iulia publice disputandam proponit Gottfried Maschov Ascaniensis. Auctor & Respondens in Iuleo Magno Die Octorbris . (Helmestadi Saxonum : Hessius, 1682)
Disputatio Theologica De Sacrificio N.T. In Cruce Peracto / Quam ... Praeside Friderico Ulrico Calixto S. Theol. D. ... In Iuleo maiore d. Martii, publice disputandam Proponet Salomon Lentzius Burgensis Saxo. (Helmestadi Saxonum : Hessius, 1682)
Calov, Abraham (1612-1686)  de en
Askēma Glōttikon, De Crudelissima Destructione Arbelae a Salmanassare Facta : Ex Hoseae X. v. 14.
Wittenb. : Henckelius, 1682SBB 
Decanus facultatis theologicae, Abraham Calovius ... generalis, lectori benevolo salutem ([Wittebergae], 1682)
Disp. inaug. de descensu Christi ad inferos : anaskeuastikē programmatis paschalis Regiomontani D. Christiani Dreieri, syncretistae versutissimi, et vere polymorphu
Wittenberga : Schrödterus, 1682BSB 
Disp. inaug. de descensu Christi ad inferos: anaskeuastikē programmatis paschalis Regiomontani D. Christiani Dreieri, syncretistae versutissimi, et vere polymorphu (Schrödterus, 1682)
Disp. inaug. de descensu Christi ad inferos: anaskeuastike programmatis paschalis Regiomontani D. Christiani Dreieri, syncretistae versutissimi, et vere polymorphu
Wittebergae : Schrodterus, 1682GB 
Wittenbergae : Schrodterus, 1682GB 
Disputatio Inauguralis De Descensu Christi Ad Inferos: anaskeuastike Programatis Paschalis Regiomontani D. Christiani Dreieri, Syncretistae Versutissimi, Et Vere polymorphu (Wittenbergae : Schrödterus, 1682)
Disquisitio Theologica, Num Meritum Christi Sit Causa Instrumentalis-Moralis Iustificationis hominis peccatoris coram Deo? (Wittenbergae : Typis Viduae Augusti Brüningii, 1682)
Die Heilige Bibel / nach S. Herrn D. Martini Lutheri Deutscher Dolmetschung/ und Erklärung ... im Grund-Text/ Richtiger Anleitung der Cohaerentz ... gründ- und deutlich erörtert ... Mit grossem Fleiß/ und Kosten ausgearbeitet/ und verfasset/ von D. Abraham Calovio, vol. 3, part 2 (Wittenberg : Brüningk, 1682) [Romans-Revelation]
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