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Cordier, Mathurin (c.1479-1564)
Les colloques de Mathurin Cordier, divisez en quatre livres. Traduits en Latin en François, correspondant l'un à l'autre (Paris : Jean Libert, 1646)
Cothmann, Johann (1595-1650)
Disputatio Theologica Inauguralis De Praesentia Corporis Et Sanguinis Domini Nostri Jesu Christi In Sanctissima Eucharistia (Rostochi[i] : Kilius, 1646)
Fundamentum Christianismi circa doctrinam praedestinationis ... (Hallervord., 1646)
Cottière, Matthieu (1619-1646)
De Hellenistis, & Lingua Hellenistica, Exercitationes secundariae / Auctore Matthaeo Cotterio ... ([Straßburg] : Typis Rihelianis, 1646)
Cotton, John (1585-1652)  en
A conference Mr. John Cotton held at Boston with the elders of New-England 1. concerning gracious conditions in the soule before faith, 2. evidencing justification by sanctification, 3. touching the active power of faith : twelve reasons against stinted forms of prayer and praise : together with the difference between the Christian and antichristian church (London : J. Dawson, and are to be sold [by] Fr. Eglesfield ..., 1646)
Milk for Babes. Drawn Out of the Breasts of Both Testaments. Chiefly, for the Spirituall Nourishment of Boston Babes in Either England: But May Be of Like Use for Any Children, ed. Paul Royster [Electronic Texts in American Studies] (London : J. Coe, for Henry Overton, 1646)
Cranford, James (c.1602-1657)  en
Haereseo-machia, or, the mischiefe which heresies doe, and the means to prevent it. : Delivered in a sermon in Pauls, before the Right, Honourable, the Lord Maior, and the Aldermen of the famous citie of London, February the first, MDCXLV. ... (London : James Young for Charles Green, and are to be sold at the signe of the Gun in Ivie-lane, 1646)
Haereseo-machia: or, The mischiefe which heresies doe, and the means to prevent it. Delivered in a sermon in Pauls, before the Right Honourable, the Lord maior, and the aldermen of ... London, February the first, M. DC. XLV. And now printed, for the satisfaction of the hearers, and others (James Young for Charles Green, 1646)
Crashaw, Richard (c.1612-1648)  en
Steps to the temple sacred poems, with other delights of the muses (London : T.W. for Humphrey Moseley, and are to be sold at his shop ..., 1646)
Dannhauer, Johann Conrad (1603-1666)  en de
Catechismus Milch Oder Der Erklärung deß Christlichen Catechismi, vol. 3 (Straßburg : Johann Friedrich Spoor, 1646)
Christeis sive drama sacrum ... (Argentorati, 1646)
Christeis sive drama sacrum: in quo ecclesiae militia a Jesu Christo ad thronum coelestem exaltato, ad novissimum usque ac praesens seculum deducitur, aenigmatice primum, post aperto commentario ; Actus primus, trisecularem ecclesiae sortem a Christo in coelos sublimato ... (Mülb, 1646)
Disputationem Theologicam, De Gemitu Creaturarum, Ex Epistola Paulina ad Romanos, Cap. VIII.v.19. Solennis exercitii ergo, In Academia Argentinensi, Praeside, Joh. Conrado Dannhawero, S.S. Theol. D. Professore Ordinario Et Ecclesiaste, defendendam suscipiet Mens. die Salomon Blanck Gedanensis (Argentorati : Andreas, 1646)
Davenant, John (1572-1641)  en
Expositio epistolae D. Pauli ad Colossenses, 4th ed. (Amsterdam, 1646)
Expositio epistolae D. Pauli ad Colossenses, per reverendum in Christo patrem Ioannem Sarisburiensem episcopum in lucem edita: olim ab eodem, Dominae Margaretae in Academia Cantabrigiensi professore theologico, dictata (sumptibus Henrici Laurentii bibliopolae, 1646)
De Sales, François (1567-1622)
Introduccion a la vida devota, ed. Tomás Alfay ((Madrid)) (Melchor Sanchez, 1646)
Trattato Dell'Amor Di Dio, vol. 2 (Ghisolfi, 1646)
Dell, William (c.1607-1669)  en
The building and glory of the truely Christian and spiritual church.: Represented in an exposition on Isai. 54, from vers. 11. to the 17. Preached to His Excellency Sir Tho. Fairfax and the general officers of the army, with divers other officers, and souldiers, and people, at Marston, being the head-quarter at the leaguer before Oxford, June. 7. 1646. (London : G. Calvert, at the Black Spread-Eagle at the West-end of Pauls, 1646)
Right reformation: or, The reformation of the church of the New Testament, represented in Gospell-light.: In a sermon preached to the Honourable House of Commons, on Wednesday, November 25. 1646. Together with a reply to the chief contradictions of Master Love's sermon, preached the same day. All published for the good of the faithfull, at their desire. (London : R. White, for Giles Calvert, at the Black-spred-Eagle, near the West end of Pauls, 1646)
Vniformity examined whether it be found in the Gospel or in the practice of the churches of Christ (London : J. Coe for Henry Overton ..., 1646)
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