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Albertus Magnus, O.P. (c.1193-1280)
Albertus Magnus, De animalibus libri XXVI, nach der Cölner Urschrift. Mit unterstützung der Kgl. Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu München, der Görres-gesellschaft und der Rheinischen Gesellschaft für Wissenschaftliche Forschung (Münster : Aschendorff, 1916)
Allen, William (1532-1594)  en
A true, sincere and modest defence of English Catholics that suffer for their faith both at home and abroad, against a false, seditions and slanderous libel entitled: (London : The Manresa Press ; St. Louis : B. Herder)
Vol. 1 (1914)
Vol. 2 (1914) IA 
Andreae, Johann Valentin (1586-1654)  en
Christianopolis: An ideal state of the seventeenth century (New York : Oxford University Press, 1916)
Barrow, Isaac (1630-1677)  en
The geometrical lectures of Isaac Barrow
Open Court Publishing Company, 1916GB 
trans. James Mark Child (The Open Court Publishing Company, 1916)GB 
Chicago, London : Open Court Publishing Company, 1916IA 
Chicago, London : The Open court publishing company, 1916IA 
The geometrical lectures of Isaac Barrow, translated, with notes and proofs, and a discussion on the advance made therein on the work of his predecessors in the infinitesimal calculus (Chicago The Open court publishing company, 1916)
Beaumont, Joseph (1616-1699)
The minor poems .. (London : Constable, 1914)
The minor poems of Joseph Beaumont (Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 1914)
The minor poems of Joseph Beaumont ... Ed. from the autograph manuscript (London : Constable, 1914)
The minor poems of Joseph Beaumont, ..., 1616-1699 (London : Constable and co. ltd., 1914)
Bernier, François (1620-1688)
Travels in the Mogul Empire, A.D. 1656-1668 (Oxford : University Press, 1916)
Boehm, Johann Philipp (1683-1749)
Life and letters of the Rev. John Philip Boehm, founder of the Reformed church in Pennsylvania, 1683-1749, ed. William John Hinke
ed. William John Hinke (Philadelphia : Publication and Sunday school board of the Reformed church in the United States, 1916)GB 
Boethius (c.480-c.524)
The theological tractates (Cambridge : Harvard University Press; London, Heineman, 1918)
The theological tractates, with an English translation by H.F. Stewart and E.K. Rand. The consolation of philosophy, with the English translation of (London : Heinemann, 1918)
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