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Abelard, Peter (1079-1142)  en fr
Peter Abaelards philosophische Schriften (Münster i. W. : Aschendorff, 1919)
Philosophische Schriften, vol. 1 (Münster i.W. : Aschendorff, 1919)
Albertus Magnus, O.P. (c.1193-1280)
Albertus Magnus, De animalibus libri XXVI, nach der Cölner Urschrift. Mit unterstützung der Kgl. Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu München, der Görres-gesellschaft und der Rheinischen Gesellschaft für Wissenschaftliche Forschung (Münster : Aschendorff, 1916)
Ambrose of Milan (-397)
St. Ambrose. , ed. James Herbert Strawley, trans. Tom Thompson (Society for promoting Christian Knowledge, 1919)
Andreae, Johann Valentin (1586-1654)  en
Christianopolis: An ideal state of the seventeenth century (New York : Oxford University Press, 1916)
Ascham, Roger (c.1515-1568)
The scholemaster; written between 1563-8. Posthumously published. First ed., 1570; collated with the 2d ed, 1572. Edited by Edward Arber, ed. William Elstob (London : Constable, 1923)
Bacon, Roger (1214-1295)
Opera hactenus inedita;
Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1920IA 
Vol. 5 (1920) IA 
Vol. 6 (1920) IA 
Vol. 7 (1920) [Volume 7 is located about two-thirds of the way through this scan. If you drag the page selector at the bottom of the screen across to the right, you can find it by noting when the numbers reset.] IA 
Barrow, Isaac (1630-1677)  en
The geometrical lectures of Isaac Barrow
Open Court Publishing Company, 1916GB 
trans. James Mark Child (The Open Court Publishing Company, 1916)GB 
Chicago, London : Open Court Publishing Company, 1916IA 
Chicago, London : The Open court publishing company, 1916IA 
The geometrical lectures of Isaac Barrow, translated, with notes and proofs, and a discussion on the advance made therein on the work of his predecessors in the infinitesimal calculus (Chicago The Open court publishing company, 1916)
Baxter, Richard (1615-1691)  en de
The Autobiography of Richard Baxter: Being the Reliquiæ Baxterianæ Abridged from the Folio (1696), ed. Joseph Morgan Lloyd Thomas (J.M. Dent, 1925)
Bernier, François (1620-1688)
Travels in the Mogul Empire, A.D. 1656-1668 (Oxford : University Press, 1916)
Bérulle, Pierre de (1575-1629)
Élévation `a Jésus-Christ: Notre-Seigneur sur la conduite de son esprit et de sa gr^ace vers sainte Madeleine ... (Saint-Maximin : Éditions de la vie spirituelle, 1922)
Bèze, Théodore de (1519-1605)  fr en
Abraham sacrifiant, tragédie françoise (Genève Jullien, 1920)
Boehm, Johann Philipp (1683-1749)
Life and letters of the Rev. John Philip Boehm, founder of the Reformed church in Pennsylvania, 1683-1749, ed. William John Hinke (Philadelphia : Publication and Sunday school board of the Reformed church in the United States, 1916)
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