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Bahrdt, Carl Friedrich (1741-1792)
Briefe angesehener Gelehrten, Staatsmänner, und anderer, an den berühmten Märtyrer D. Karl Friedrich Bahrdt: seit seinem Hinweggange von Leipzig 1769 bis zu seiner Gefangenschaft 1789 : Nebst andern Urkunden. Von 1786 bis 1789 (Weygand, 1798)
Barrow, Isaac (1630-1677)  en
Twenty two sermons on various subjects: selected from the works of the Rev. Isaac Barrow, ... (at the Clarendon Press, 1798)
Baxter, Richard (1615-1691)  en de
The Saints Everlasting Rest ... Abridged by Benjamin Fawcett. The Seventh Edition (London, 1798)
Bellamy, Joseph (1719-1790)  en
An essay on the nature and glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ: : as also on the nature and consequences of spiritual blindness, and the nature and effects of divine illumination. Designed as a supplement to the author's Letters and dialogues, on the nature of love to God, faith in Jesus Christ, and assurance of a title to eternal life. (Washington: : John Colerick ..., 1798)
Theron, Paulinus and Aspasio, or, Letters & dialogues upon the nature of love to God, faith in Christ, assurance of a title to eternal life : containing some remarks on the sentiments of the reverend Messieurs Hervey and Marshal on these subjects : published at the request of many (Washington : John Colerick, 1798)
Theron, Paulinus and Aspasio, or, Letters and dialogues upon the nature of love to God, faith in Christ, assurance of a title to eternal life : containing some remarks on the sentiments of the Reverend Messieurs Hervey and Marshal, on these subjects (Washington : John Colerick, 1798)
Boerhaave, Herman (1668-1738)  en
Hermanni Boerhaavii Aphorismi de cognoscendis, et curandis morbis... : pars I, prolegomena, chirurgia, febris (Matriti : Ex Typographia Villalpandea, 1798)
Boston, Thomas (1676-1732)
A View of the Covenant of Works from the Sacred Records: Wherein the Parties in that Covenant, the Reality of It, Its Parts, Conditionary, Promissory, and Minatory ... are Distinctly Considered ... (George Caw, 1798)
Brady, Nicholas (1659-1726)
A new version of the Psalms of David : fitted to the tunes used in churches (London : Company of Stationers, 1798)
Brown of Haddington, John (1722-1787)
A dictionary of the Holy Bible: containing an historical account of the persons; a geographical account of the places; a literal, critical, and systematical description of other objects ... mentioned in the writings of the Old and New Testaments ..., vol. 1 (Philadelphia : William W. Woodward, 1798)
Bunyan, John (1628-1688)
Come, & welcome, to Jesus Christ, or, A plain and profitable discourse upon the sixth of John, 37 vers. To which is added, The one thing needful (London, 1798)
Canisius, Petrus, S.J. (1521-1597)  en
Catecismo católico trilingüe del P. Pedro Canisio (Imprenta de Benito Cano, 1798)
Coles, Elisha (c.1608-1688)
A practical discourse of God's sovereignty : with other material points derived thence (Newburyport [Mass.], : Edmund M. Blunt., 1798)
A practical discourse of God's sovereignty. With other material points derived thence ... With a recommendatory preface, by the Rev. W. Romaine ... Also by Dr. Owen [signed: John Owen. S. Annesley], and T. Goodwin (Edmund M. Blunt, 1798)
Cordier, Mathurin (c.1479-1564)
Corderii colloquiorum centuria selecta. A select century of Corderius's colloquies with an Engl. tr. by J. Clarke. New ed. corrected, trans. John Clarke (1798)
Crinsoz de Bionens, Théodore (fl.1722-1729)
L'esprit de Bionnens sur l'Apocalypse et les prophéties de Daniel [...] (1798)
d'Holbach, Paul-Henri Thiry (1723-1789)
Das Grab aller Despoten, vol. 2 (Hammer, 1798)
de Volney, Constantin-François de Chassebœuf (1757-1820)
Catéchisme, du citoyen français, ou La Loi naturelle (Dufart, 1798)
Dent, Arthur (1553-1607)  en
The ruin of Rome: or, An exposition upon the whole Revelation. Wherein is plainly shewed and proved, that the popish religion, together with all the power and authority of Rome shall ebb and decay more throughout all the churches of Europe ... (Glasgow : Napier and Khull for S. Gardner, 1798) / added author(s): Thomas Brightman, James Durham [Contains two sermons by James Durham]
Derham, William (1657-1735)
Physico-theology, or a Demonstration of the Being and Attributes of God, from his Works of Creation, vol. 2 (1798)
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