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Alagona, Pietro, S.J. (1549-1624)
S. Thomae Aquinatió Theologicae Summae Compendium (E. Alvarez, 1797)
Arrowsmith, John (1602-1659)  en
The Covenant Avenging Sword Brandished: in a Sermon Before the Honorable House of Commons, at Their Solemn Fast, January 25. 1642. [With a Preface by James Reid.] (C. M'Lachlan, 1797)
Bahrdt, Carl Friedrich (1741-1792)
Moral für Alle Stände: Mit einer Vorrede, Verbesserungen und Zusätzen von D. W. A. Teller (Vieweg)
Vol. 1 (1797)
Vol. 2 (1797) GB 
Barclay, Robert (1648-1690)
[ Quaker ]
Apologie de la vraie théologie chrétienne: contenant l'explication et la défense des principes et de la doctrine de la société dite des Quakers ecrite en Latin en Anglois, trans. Edmund Philip Bridel (Jaques Phillips et fils, 1797)
Baxter, Richard (1615-1691)  en de
An Address to the Heads of Families on the Necessity of Family Religion: Also, an Interesting Discourse on Weekly Class Meetings. ... (printed for, and sold by A. Newsom, 1797)
The Saints Everlasting Rest, Etc (J. Chalmers&Company, 1797)
Bayle, Pierre (1647-1706)
Philosophisches Wörterbuch Oder Die Philosophischen Artikel Aus Baylens Historisch-Kritischem Wörterbuche, vol. 2 (Ruff, 1797)
Beattie, James (1735-1803)  en
Essai zur la poésie et sur la musique considérées dans les affections de l'âme (H. Tardieu, 1797)
Blackmore, Richard (1654-1726)  en
Poetical works : containing Creation, a philosophical poem in seven books, to which is prefixed the life of the author (London : Cooke, 1797)
Blau, Felix (1754-1798)
Kritik der seit der Revolution in Frankreich gemachten Religions Verordnungen auf reine Prinzipien des Staats und Kirchenrechts gegründet / von F. Blau (Straßburg : Her F. G. Levrault, Buchdrucker und Buchhändler, 1797)
Boerhaave, Herman (1668-1738)  en
Hermanni Boerhaave Institutiones medicae : pars II, pathologia, semejotice, hygiene, therapeutice (Matriti : Ex Typographia Villalpandea, 1797)
Bons, Jean Louis de (1683-1759)
Cours de religion à l'usage des jeunes gens, par demandes & réponses
Henri Vincent, 1797GB 
Vol. 2 (1797) GB 
Boston, Thomas (1676-1732)
A view of the covenant of grace from the sacred records ...: to which is subjoined a memorial concerning personal & family fasting ... (R. Chapman, for J. & A. Duncan, 1797)
Brown of Haddington, John (1722-1787)
A dictionary of the Holy Bible : containing, an historical account of the persons; a geographical and historical account of the places; a literal, critical, and systematical description of other objects, whether natural, artificial, civil, religious, or military; and the explication of the appellative terms, mentioned in the writings of the Old and New Testament .., vol. 2 (Edinburgh : Murray & cochrane, 1797)
The posthumous works of the late Rev. Mr. John Brown, minister of the Gospel at Haddington: with short memoirs, and a summary of what he uttered in his last illness (Perth : R. Morrison and Son, booksellers, Perth., 1797)
Bryant, Jacob (1715-1804)
The sentiments of Philo Judeus concerning the logos, or word of God; : together with large extracts from his writings compared with the scriptures on many other particular and essential doctrines of the Christian religion. (Cambridge : John Burges ... and sold by J. Deighton, Cambridge; Messrs. Cadell & Davies, P. Elmsley, and T. Payne, London, 1797)
The sentiments of Philo Judeus concerning the Logos, or, Word of God : together with large extracts from his writings compared with the scriptures on many other particular and essential doctrines of the Christian religion .. (Cambridge, [Eng] : John Burges and sold by J. Deighton, 1797)
Burn, Richard (1709-1785)
Ecclesiastical Law, 6th ed., vol. 1 (A. Strahan, 1797)
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