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Abicht, Johann Georg (1672-1740)  de en
Kritische Briefe über die Möglichkeit einer wahren wissenschaftlichen Moral, Theologie Rechtslehre, empirischen Psychologie und Geschmakslehre : mit prüfender Hinsicht auf die Kantische Begründung dieser Lehre (Nürnberg : Felseker, 1793)
Alleine, Joseph (1634-1668)  en
An admonition to unconverted sinners: in a serious treatise ... to which are added, prayers for families (A. Millar, W. Law, & R. Cater, 1793)
Amat de Graveson, Ignace Hyacinthe, O.P. (1670-1733)
Historia ecclesiastica Veteris Testamenti (Bassano, 1793)
Baxter, Richard (1615-1691)  en de
A call to the unconverted, : to turn and live; and accept of mercy, while mercy may be had; as ever they will find mercy, in the day of their extremity, from the living God. (Boston, : William Greenough, for Ebenezer Larkin, jun. bookseller & stationer, no. 50, Cornhill., 1793)
Bengel, Johann Albrecht (1687-1752)  en de
Doctor Bengels, Magister Christliebs und Doctor Martin Luthers gründliche Beurtheilung des Zeitpuncts darin wir nach der Offenbarung Johannis gegenwärtig leben, etc (1793)
Blackmore, Richard (1654-1726)  en
Poetical works : containing Creation, a philosophical poem in seven books, to which is prefixed the life of the author (Edinburgh : Mundell and son, 1793)
Bochart, Samuel (1599-1667)
Hierozoicon Sive De Animalibus S. Scripturae / 1 (Lipsiae, 1793)
Hierozoicon, sive De animalibus S. Scripturae, vol. 1 (Leipzig : Weidmann, 1793)
Bonnet, Gijsbert (1723-1805)
Orationes duae; altera in religionis contemtores: altera disquiritur, an summo ecclesiae doctori, ejusque apostolis, ubi, probandae suae doctrinae caussa, ad veteris testamenti oracula... (Guill. van Yzerworst, 1793)
Boston, Thomas (1676-1732)
Human nature in its four-fold state, of primitive integrity, entire depravity, begun recovery, and consummate happiness or misery; subsisting in the parents of mankind in paradise, the unregenerate, the regenerate, and all mankind in the future state. In several practical discourses (London : J. Chalmers, 1793)
Bourn, Samuel, III (1714-1796)
A Sermon on the Resurrection: Abridged from the Rev. S. Bourn, by a Member of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (Allin and Ridge: sold also by J. Johnson, G. G. J. and J. Robinson, and Messrs. Egertons, London, 1793)
Brady, Nicholas (1659-1726)
A new version of the Psalms of David : fitted to the tunes used in churches (Boston : I. Thomas and E.T. Andrews, 1793)
Brocklesby, Richard (1722-1797)
Observations on Vision. By Thomas Young. Communicated by Richard Brocklesby, M. D. F. R. S. (1793)
Brown of Haddington, John (1722-1787)
An introduction to the right understanding of the oracles of God (Edinburgh : Barber & Southwick, 1793)
Bryant, Jacob (1715-1804)
A Mythological, Etymological, and Historical Dictionary, ed. William Holwell (C. Dilly, 1793)
Butler, Joseph (1692-1752)  en
The Analogy of religion, natural and revealed ... (Boston : Manning and Loring, for D. West, 1793)
Cadonici, Giovanni (1705-1786)
Droit des états souverains aux prières solemnelles et nominales, reconnu par la tradition perpétuelle de l'Église, ou, Discours sur l'obligation des chrétiens de prier pour la puissance temporelle (1793)
Cepari, Virgilio (1563-1631)
Compendio della vita di S. Luigi Gonzaga (da N. Gervasi e Talani N., 1793)
Coccejus, Johannes (1603-1669)  en nl
Lexicon Et Commentarius Sermonis Hebraici Et Chaldaici / 1 : Literas ' - N Complectens (Lipsiae : Weygand, 1793)
Lexicon Et Commentarius Sermonis Hebraici Et Chaldaici: Literas ' - N Complectens, vol. 1 (Weygand, 1793)
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