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Abernethy, John (1680-1740)  en
Discourses concerning the being and natural perfections of God, in which that first principle of religion, the existence of the deity, is prov'd, from the frame of the material world, from the animal and rational life, and from human intelligence and morality. And the divine attributes of spirituality, unity, eternity, immensity, omnipotence, omniscience, and infinite wisdom, are explain'd, vol. 1 (London : H. Whitridge, 1746)
Discourses Concerning the Being and Natural Perfections of God: In which that First Principle of Religion, the Existence of the Deity, is Prov'd... (Printed, 1746)
Alexandre, Noël, O.P. (1639-1724)  en fr
Commentarius Litteralis Et Moralis In Omnes Epistolas Sancti Pauli Apostoli, Et In VII. Epistolas Catholicas (Parisiis : De Grassortis)
Vol. 1 (1746)
Vol. 2 (1746) GB 
Commentarius litteralis et moralis in omnes epistolas sancti Pauli apostoli: et in VII epistolas catholicas (Paris : S. de Grassortis)
Vol. 1 (1746)
Vol. 2 (1746) [includes vol. 3] GB 
Alphen, Hieronymus Simons van (1665-1742)  de
Specimen analyticum in epistolas Pauli seu, .. utrasque ad Thessalonicenses ad Galatas, ad Ephesios, et utrasque ad Corinthios. Ed. II. (Gisbertus a Paddenburg, 1746)
Specimina analytica in epistolas Pauli sex, ratione ordinis temporis, quo scriptae sunt, utrasque ad Thessalonicenses, ad Galatas, ad Ephesios, & ustraque ad Corinthios. Inservientia consideratis attentè ad singulas prolegomenis investigationi sensus, scopi, et fili sermonis illarum, 2nd ed., vol. 1 (Trajecti ad Rhenum : apud Gisbertum à Paddenburg, 1746)
Alting, Heinrich (1583-1644)  en
Historiae sacrae et profanae compendium: cum orbis et incolarum descriptione : access. J. Suiceri historiae ecclesiasticae N. T. chronologica delineatio (Tiguri, 1746)
Alting, Jacob (1618-1679)  en nl
Fundamenta punctationis linguae S. ...
Francofurtum, 1746BSB 
Fundamenta punctationis linguae sanctae: cum necessariis canonum, locorum S. Scripturae et vocum irregularium indicibus; accedit ejusdem synopsis institutionum chaldaearum et syrarum, 9th ed.
9th ed. / Frankfurt am Main : Sumptibus viduae beati Knochii et J.G. Eslingeri, 1746GB 
Amort, Eusebius (1692-1775)
Instructio Ordinandorum, Ad Usum Dioecesis Augustanae (Augustae Vindelicorum, 1746)
Annet, Peter (1693-1769)
Deism fairly stated, and fully vindicated from the gross imputations and groundless calumnies of modern believers: Wherein some of the principal reasons contained in Dr. Benson's answer to Christianity not founded on argument are fully considered, and proved to be far from conclusive (W. Webb, near St. Paul's, 1746)
Remarks on a book entitled Deism fairly stated, and fully vindicated, &c., in a letter to the author ...: wherein it is proved, upon the author's own principles, that his undertaking is irrational, immoral, and unjust (W. Willock, 1746)
Arndt, Johann (1555-1621)  de en
Samtliche sechs geistreiche Bücher vom wahren Christenthum : das ist von heilsamer Busse, herzlicher Reue und Leid über die Sünde, wahrem Glauben, auch heil. Leben und Wandel der rechten und wahren Christen : samt kräftigen Gebättern, über alle Capitel (Zürich : in Bürcklischer Truckerey getruckt, 1746)
Baumeister, Friedrich Christian (1709-1785)
Philosophiae recens controversa (1746)
Baumgarten, Siegmund Jakob (1706-1757)
Auszug der Kirchengeschichte, von der Geburt Jesu an, vol. 3 (Bauer, 1746)
Diss. theol. vindicias textus Graeci Novi Testamenti contra Io. Harduinum exhibens (1746)
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