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Abbott, George (1604-1649)  en
The whole booke of Iob paraphrased or, made easie for any to understand. By George Abbott. (London : Edward Griffin for Henry Overton, and are to be sold at his shop at the entrance into Popes-head-alley, out of Lumbard-street, 1640)
The Whole Booke of Job paraphrased, or, Made easie for any to understand (London : Edward Griffin, 1640)
Alard, Wilhelm (1572-1645)  de
Das dritte gülden a. B. C. der fürnembsten lehr- und trostreichsten Namen Jesu Christi, unsers Heylandes : in Xx Predigten erkläret und außgeleget (Leipzig : Grosse, 1640)
Allatius, Leo (c.1586-1669)  en
Animadversiones in antiquitatum Etruscarum fragmenta, ed. Curzio Inghirami (apud Sebastianum Cramoisy, 1640)
Animadversiones in antiquitatum Etruscarum fragmenta, ab Inghiramio edita
Sebastien Cramoisy, 1640GB 
L De patria Homeri, ed. Laurent Durand ((Lyon)) (sumptibus Laurentii Durand, 1640)
Leonis Allatii Animaduersiones in antiquitatum Etruscarum fragmenta ab Inghiramio edita (1640)
Leonis Allatii Animadversiones In Antiqvitatvm Etrvscarvm Fragmenta (Paris, 1640)
De patria Homeri (L. Durand, 1640)
Althofer, Christoph (1606-1660)
Disputationum biblico-practicarum (Scherff)
Vol. 1 (1640)
Vol. 2 (1640) GB 
Aresi, Paolo (1574-1644)
De vero Sacri Cantici Canticorum Salomonis tum historico, tum spirituali sensu nova quaedam cogitatio, ac pro eadem Velitatio, sive Prolusio bina (Johann Petrus de Cardis, 1640)
Auerbach, David (1599-1647)  de
Programma propheticum de adventu Messiae in carnem, quod Habacuc iussu Dei exaravit, et Judaeis publici proposuit, II, 3. 4. succincta analysi ... illustratum
Lipsiae : Ritzsch, 1640BSB 
Bacon, Francis (1561-1626)  en
Certaine considerations tovching the better pacification, and edification of the Church of England .. (London, Printed by the assignes of J. More, 1640)
Of the advancement and proficience of learning; or, The partitions of sciences, IX bookes. Written in Latin by the most eminent, illustrious Lord Francis Bacon (Oxford : L. Lichfield for R. Young & E. Forrest, 1640)
Bake, Reinhard (1587-1657)  de
Copiosissima Evangeliorum Dominicalium Expositio. 2 (Lübeck : Schmidius Iungius, 1640)
Balduin, Balthasar (1605-1652)
Harpocrates Proscriptus. Sive, De Iusto Zelo, Adversus Modernos Haereticos, Turpiter Errantes In Doctrina, Et Epicuraeos, Malitiose Agentes In Vita, Diatribe : In qua enodatur Quaestio, hoc tempore, non minus lectu iucunda, quam omnibus orthodoxis Ecclesiae Ministri scitu necessaria ... / Autore Balthasare Balduino ... Pastore Et Superattendente Urbis & Agri Cycnei ([Zwickau] : Melchior Göpner, 1640)
Ball, John (1585-1640)  en
A friendly triall of the grounds tending to separation in a plain and modest dispute touching the lawfulnesse of a stinted liturgie and set form of prayer, Communion in mixed assemblies, and the primitive subject and first receptacle of the power of the Keyes: tending to satisfie the doubtfull, recall the wandering, and to strengthen the weak: by John Ball. ([Cambridge] : Roger Daniel printer to the Universitie of Cambridge; for Edward Brewster, [London,] and are to be sold at his shop at the Bible on Fleet-bridge, 1640)
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