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Ainsworth, Henry (1569-1622)  en
Annotations upon the five bookes of Moses, the booke of the Psalmes, and the Song of Songs, or, Canticles VVherein the Hebrevv vvords and sentences, are compared with, and explained by the ancient Greeke and Chaldee versions, and other records and monuments of the Hebrewes: but chiefly by conference with the holy Scriptures, Moses his words, lawes and ordinances, the sacrifices, and other legall ceremonies heretofore commanded by God to the Church of Israel, are explained. With an advertisement touching some objections made against the sinceritie of the Hebrew text, and allegation of the Rabbines in these annotations. As also tables directing unto such principall things as are observed in the annotations upon each severall booke. By Henry Ainsworth. (London : [by M. Flesher and J. Haviland] for Iohn Bellamie, and are to be sold at his shop in Cornehill, at the signe of the three Golden Lions neere the Royall Exchange, 1627)
Alagona, Pietro, S.J. (1549-1624)
Sancti Thomae Aquinatis Summae theologicae compendium, auctore P. Petro Alagona (Bogard, 1627)
Alsted, Johann Heinrich (1588-1638)  en de
Consiliarius academicus, id est methodus formandorum studiorum: id est, Methodus formandorum studiorum .... (Strassburg : Haeredes Luzari Zetzneri, 1627)
Diatribe de mille annis apocalypticis ... BB. Danielis&Iohannis (Sumptibus C. Eifridi, 1627)
Diatribe De Mille Annis Apocalypticis, non illis Chiliastarum & Phantastarum, sed BB. Danielis & Johannis (Sumptibus Conradi Eifridi, 1627)
Johanne-Henrici Alstedii Consiliarius academicus: id est, methodus formandorum studiorum, continens commonefactiones, consilia, ... Accessit Consilium de copia rerum & verborum
ed. Lazarus Zetzner (Herederos de) (publisher not identified, 1627)GB 
Johannis-Henrici Alstedii Consiliarius Academicus: Id est, Methodus Formandorum Studiorum : Continens Commonefactiones, Consilia, Regulas, Typos, Calendaria, diaria, de ratione bene discendi & ordine studiorum recte instituendo: perpetuis Tabulis adornata: in gratiam Studiosorum tam Academicorum quam trivialium in Scholis particularibus, ut vocant ; Accessit Consilium De Copia Rerum Et Verborum (Argentorati : Zetznerus, 1627)
Qvaestiones Theologicae Breviter Propositae & expositae, in gratiam tyronum (Francofurti, 1627)
Synopsis Theologiae Exhibens Oeconomiam singulorum locorum communium theologicorum / Studio Johannis-Henrici Alstedii (Hanoviae : Eyfridus, 1627)
Synopsis theologiæ exhibens œconomiam singulorum locorum communium theologicorum (Impensis C. Eyfridi, 1627)
Theologia Polemica : Exhibens Praecipuas Huius Aevi In Religionis Negotio Controversias Sex in partes tributa (Hanoviae : Eifridus, 1627)
Theologia polemica, exhibens praecipuas huius aeui in religionis negotio controuersias sex in partes tributa studio Johannis-Henrici Alstedii (sumptibus Conradi Eifridi, 1627)
Amama, Sixtinus (1593-1629)  nl en
De Hebreusche grammatica ofte taal-konst (Amsterdam : Hendrick Laurens Boeckvercoper, 1627)
Anonymous/Pseud. Arminian (c.1600-1650)
Verdediging van de Confessie der Remonstranten: teghen de reden- en liefdeloose beschuldiginghen, die Antonius Walaeus ... in sijn Dedicatie-Brief aen de... Staten Gener. voor de verduytschte censurie van de Confessie onlangs heeft uytghegheven (1627)
Aresi, Paolo (1574-1644)
Arte Di Predicar Bene: Divisa In Dve Parti ..., vol. 1 (Bidelli, 1627)
Bacon, Francis (1561-1626)  en
Sylva sylvarvm : or, A naturall historie, in ten centuries (London : J. H[aviland] for W. Lee, 1627)
Baile, Guillaume, S.J. (1557-1620)
Controversiarum Catechismus, Seu Epitome, Complectens Controversias Religionem spectantes 124. Accedit Methodvs Veroniana, / Autore R.P. Francisco Veron, Soc. Iesv (Coloniae : Kinckius, 1627)
Controversiarvm Catechismvs, Seu Epitome, Complectens Controversias Religionem spectantes 124: Accedit Methodvs Veroniana (Kinckius, 1627)
Balduin, Friedrich (1575-1627)  de
De quaestione theologica, quae dogmata ad salutem creditu sint necessaria? theses ([Wittebergae] : Boreck, 1627)
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