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Abbot, George (1562-1633)  en de
A sermon preached at Westminster May 26. 1608 at the funerall solemnities of the Right Honorable Thomas Earle of Dorset, late l. high treasurer of England by George Abbot ... ; now published at the request of some honourable persons, very few things being added, which were then cut off by the shortnesse of the time. (London : Melchisedech Bradwood for William Aspley, 1608)
Abbot, Robert (1560-1617)  en
Antichristi demonstratio, contra fabulas pontificias et ineptam Roberti Bellarmini de antichristo disputationem
Baker, 1608GB 
Londini : Baker, 1608BSB 
Antichristi Demonstratio, contra fabulas pontificias et ineptam Roberti Bellarmini de Antichristo Disputationem ...: Accessit Jacobi VI ... de Antichristo ... commentatio (Baker, 1608)
Antichristi demonstratio, contra fabulas pontificias, & ineptam Roberti Bellarmini De antichristo disputationem. Authore Roberto Abbatto, Oxoniensi ... (Robertus Barkerus, 1608)
Abbott, George (1604-1649)  en
Briefe Description of the whole worlde. Wherein is particularly described, all the Monarchies, Empires, and kingdomes of the same: with their seuerall titles and scituations thereunto adioyning. By George Abbot, Archbishop of Canterbury (Iohn Browne, 1608)
Acosta, José de, S.J. (1539-1600)  en
Historia natural y moral de las Indias: en que se tratan las cosas notables del cielo, y elementos, metales, plantas, y animales dellas, y los ritos, y ceremonias, leyes, y gouierno, y guerras de los Indios, ed. Juan Berrillo (Alonso Martin, 1608)
Acronius, Ruardus (1546-1612)
Onderwijsinghe, door welcke de vragen ende antwoorden des Catechismi der ghemeynten Christi in Nederlant ende de Palts, ordentlijck, duydtlijck, ende alzoo na den grondt der Schrifturen verklaert worden, dat in de zelve, de summa der gesonder leere niet alleen begrepen zij, maer ooc ..., vol. 1 (Adriaen Cornelisz, 1608)
Ainsworth, Henry (1569-1622)  en
Counterpoyson: Considerations Touching the Points in Difference Between the Godly Ministers & People of the Church of England, and the Seduced Brethren of the Separation : Arguments that the Best Assemblies of the Present Church of England are True Visible Churches : that the Preachers in the ... (G. Thorp, 1608)
An epistle sent vnto tuuo daughters of VVarwick from H.N., the oldest father of the Familie of Love ; with a refutation of the errors that are therein, by H.A. (Amsterdam : Giles Thorp, 1608)
Alagona, Pietro, S.J. (1549-1624)
Compendium manualis mavarri et commentarii ejusdem de Usuris: Ad commodiorum usum, tum confessariorum, tum poenitentium, compilatum ... (Hermanni Mylius, 1608)
Albertus Magnus, O.P. (c.1193-1280)
Von Frucht und Unfruchtbarkeit der Weiber... (M. Becker, 1608)
Alciato, Andrea (1492-1550)  
Andreae Alciati ... Emblemata (ex Officina Plantiniana Raphelengii, 1608)
Àlvarez de Paz, Jacobo, S.J. (1560-1620)
De vita spirituali, eiusque perfectione libri quinque, ed. Horace Cardon (Lyon) (apud Horatium Cardon, 1608)
De Vita spirituali. De exterminatione mali et promotione boni. De inquisitione pacis, sive studio orationis
apud Horatium Cardon, 1608GB 
Anderton, Lawrence (1576-1643)
The Protestants Apologie for the Roman Church, Divided Into Three Severall Tractes (1608)
Andreae, Jakob (1528-1590)  de en
Epitome colloquii Montisbelgartensis inter D. Jac. Andrea et Th. Bezam a. 1586 (Lübeck, 1608) / added author(s): Théodore de Bèze
Epitome colloquii Montisbelgartensis inter D. Jacobum Andrea, et D. Theodorum Bezam anno Domini 1586 (Albrechtianis, 1608) / added author(s): Théodore de Bèze
Andrewes, Lancelot (1555-1626)
A sermon preached before the Kings Maiesti, at Hampton Court (Londini, 1608)
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