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Abbot, George (1562-1633)  en de
The reasons vvhich Doctour Hill hath brought, for the vpholding of papistry, which is falselie termed the Catholike religion: vnmasked and shewed to be very weake, and vpon examination most insufficient for that purpose: by George Abbot ... The first part. (At Oxford : Ioseph Barnes, & are to be sold in Paules Church-yarde at the signe of the Crowne by Simon VVaterson, 1604)
The Reasons which Doctour Hill Hath Brought for the Upholding of Papistry, which is Falsely Termed the Catholike Religion, Unmasked, and Shewed to be Very Weake, and ... Insufficient for that Purpose ... The First Part. Ms. Notes (J. Barnes, 1604)
Acosta, José de, S.J. (1539-1600)  en
The natvrall and morall historie of the East and West Indies (London : V. Sims for E. Blount and W. Aspley, 1604)
Adami, Tobias (1581-1642)
Triumphus Veneris in mystiis Johannis Georgii et Sibyllae Elisabethae (Dresdae, 1604)
Alagona, Pietro, S.J. (1549-1624)
Compendium Manualis Navari ad commodiorem usum, tum Confessariorum, tum poenitentium, compilatum (1604)
Albertus Magnus, O.P. (c.1193-1280)
Albertus Magnus, darauß man alle Geheimnuß und Gebrechen deß Weiblichen Geschlechts erlernen mag: deßgleichen von ihrer Geburt und Kindern, wie denselbigen zu helffen und zu artzneyen : samt mancherley Krafft der fürnemsten Kreuter, Tugent der edlen Gestein, Art und Natur der Thier ; mit ... (Steinmeyer, 1604)
Angelocrator, Daniel (1569-1635)  en de
Die 70 wochen des Propheten Daniels erklärt (Cassel, 1604)
Aretius, Benedictus (1505-1574)  en de
Problemata sacra, h.e. loci communes christianae religionis methodice explicati (Le Preux, 1604)
S.S. theologiae problemata : hoc est, Loci commvnes Christianae religionis, methodice explicati (Bern : Ioannes le Preux, 1604)
Sanctorum Theologiae problemata (Berna, 1604)
Arias, Francisco (1533-1605)  en
Nachfolgung Mariae (1604)
Arminius, Jacob (1560-1609)  en nl
Dispvtationvm theologicarvm qvadragesima-secvnda de baptismo et poedobaptismo,: quam ... præside ... Iacobo Arminio ... (ex officinâ Ioannis Patii, 1604)
Dispvtationvm theologicarvm trigesima-nona de disciplina ecclesiastica,: quam ... præside ... Iacobo Arminio ... (ex officinâ Ioannis Patii, 1604)
Artomedes, Sebastian (1544-1602)  de
Sechsundfünfzig Predigten über den 51. Psalm, darinnen die Lere von der Busse und rechtfertigung des armen Sünders für Gott ... abgehandelt wird
Leipzig, 1604BSB 
Athanasius (c.293-373)
Athanasii Dialogorum Secundus De Trinitate : Pro Illustri Gymnasio Serbestano (Serbestae : Schleer, 1604)
Augustine, Aurelius (354-430)
A pretious booke of heauenlie meditations, called, A priuate talke of the soule with God, tr., purified and adorned by T. Rogers. [With] A right Christian treatise entituled S. Augustines praiers, publ. in the Engl. tongue by T. Rogers. Whereunto is annexed saint Augustines psalter. [With] S ..., trans. Thomas Rogers (London : H. Lownes, 1604)
Azpilcueta, Martín de (1491-1586)  en es
Manuale confessariorum et poenitentium: complectens pene resolutiones omnium dubiorum quae communiter in sacris confessionibus occurrere solent (apud Iuntas, 1604)
Babington, Gervase (c.1549-1610)  en
Comfortable notes vpon the bookes of Exodus and Leuiticus, as before vpon Genesis. Gathered and laid downe still in this plaine manner, for the good of them that cannot vse better helpes, and yet are carefull to read the Scriptures, and verie desirous to finde the comfort in them. By the Reuerend Father in God Geruase Babington ... With a table of the principall matters contained in this booke. (At London : [by H. Lownes and T. Purfoot] for Thomas Chard, 1604)
Bacherius, Petrus, O.P. (1517-1601)
Clangor tubae poenitentiae (1604)
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