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Thomas Lewis (1689-1749)
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The danger of the church-establishment of England, from the insolence of Protestant dissenters. Wherein it appears from their late writings, that they have attempted to subvert the liturgy, the canons, articles, and the whole discipline of the Church of England; to ruin the reputation of the universities and the episcopal clergy, and to inflame the minds of the people against the establish'd form of church-government in this kingdom. With short remarks upon every chapter. In a letter to Sir John Smith
London : C. Rivington, 1718IA 
Origines Hebraeae / 1 : The Idolatry of the Hebrews (London : Illidge [u.a.], 1724)
Origines Hebraeae / 2 : The Ceremonial and Judicial Laws (London : Illidge [u.a.], 1724)
Origines Hebraeae / 3 : The Arts and Sciences, professed by the Hebrews (London : Illidge [u.a.], 1725)
Origines Hebraeae / 4 : The Canon, and Writers of the Old Testament, and the Apocryphal Books, ... (London : Illidge [u.a.], 1725)
Origines Hebrææ: the antiquities of the Hebrew republick. : In four books. I. The origin of the Hebrews; their civil government; the constitution of the sanhedrim; forms of trial in courts of justice, &c. II. The ecclesiastical government; the consecration of the high-priests, priests, and levites. The revenue of the priesthood the sects among the Hebrews, pharisees, sadducees, essenes, &c. III. Places of worship. The use of high-places; a survey of the tabernacle, and the proseucha's of the Hebrews. A description of the first temple from the scriptures, and of the second from the rabbinical writings. The sacred utensils. The institution of synagogues, &c. IV. The religion of the hebrews. Their sacrifices; and their libations. The burning of the red heifer, and ceremonies of purification. Their sacraments, publick fasts and festivals, &c. Design'd as an explanation of every branch of the levitical law, and of all the ceremonies and usages of the Hebrews, both civil and sacred. (London : Sam Illidge and John Hooke)
Vol. 1 (1724)
Vol. 2 (1724) IA 
Vol. 3 (1724) IA 
Vol. 4 (1724) IA 
The Scourge : in vindication of the Church of England ; to which is added, I. The danger of the Church-establishment of England, from the insolence of Protestant dissenters ; Occasion'd by a presentment of the forty second paper of the Scourge at the King's Bench Bar, by the Grand Jury of the hundred of Ossulston ; II. The anatomy of the heretical synod of dissenters at Salters-Hall (London, 1720)
The Scourge in Vindication of the Church of England (London, 1717)

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