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Thomas Morgan (-1743)
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The Absurdity of Opposing Faith to Reason: Or, a Defence of Christianity Against the Power of Enthusiasm. In Answer to Mr. Bradbury's Sermon on the Fifth of November, Intitled, The Nature of Faith. ... By Thomas Morgan (John Noon, 1722)
A Collection of tracts upon the Trinitarian controversy : relating to the right of private judgment, the sufficiency of Scripture, and the terms of church-communion; upon Christian principles; occasion'd by the late Trinitarian controversy (London : John Osborn and Tho. Longman, 1726)
A defence of the two letters to Mr. Tong, Mr. Smith, Mr. Robinson, & Mr. Reynolds, against Mr. Fancourt's Enthusiasm retorted. By Thomas Morgan (J. Roberts; and A. Dodd, 1723)
The grounds and principles of Christian communion consider'd. In a letter to the Reverend Mr. John Cumming, M.A. occasion'd by his dissertation concerning the authority of scripture-consequences. By Thomas Morgan (J. Roberts, 1720)
A letter to Dr. Cheyne: occasioned by Dr. Robinson's letter to him, in defence of his Treatise of the animal oeconomy, against Dr Morgan's objections in his Mechanical practice &c (Tho. Cox, 1738)
A letter to Sir Richard Blackmore; occasioned by his book, intituled, Modern Arians unmask'd. By Thomas Morgan (J. Peele, 1722)
The nature and consequences of enthusiasm consider'd,: in some short remarks on the doctrine of the Blessed Trinity stated and defended. In a letter to Mr. Tong, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Smith, and Mr. Reynolds (J. Roberts, in Warwick-Lane; and J. Harrison, at the Royal-Exchange., 1719)
A postscript to the nature and consequences of enthusiasm consider'd: &c. Occasion'd by Mr. Bradbury's discourse, intitled, The necessity of contending for revealed religion. By the author of the letter of enthusiasm (J. Roberts, 1720)

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