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George Hickes (1642-1715)
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The case of infant baptism in five questions .. (London : Tho. Basset [etc.], 1683)
A collection of controversial discourses by G. Hickes and a popish priest, 3rd ed.
3rd ed. / 1727GB 
A discourse to prove that the strongest temptations are conquerable by Christians, or, A sober defence of nature and grace, against the cavils, and excuses of loose inconsiderate men: in a sermon preach'd before the right honourable the Lord Mayor of London, and court of aldermen, the 14th of ..., 2nd ed. (London : Walter Kettilby, 1683)
The divine right of episcopacy asserted : wherein is proved, that episcopacy is of divine, and apostolical institution ... (London : W.B. for Richard Sare, 1708)
Peculium Dei: a discourse about the Jews as the peculiar people of God : in a sermon preached before the honourable the aldermen and citizens of London on the sixth of February 1680/81 (London : Walter Kettilby, 1681)
Some discourses upon Dr. Burnet and Dr. Tillotson: occasioned by the late funeral sermon of the former upon the later ... (London, 1695)
The spirit of enthusiasm exorcised: In a sermon [on I Cor. xii. 4] preached before the University of Oxford ... July 11. 1680 ..., 2nd ed. (London : Walter Kettilby, 1681)
The spirit of enthusiasm exorcised·: In a sermon preached before the University of Oxford, on Act-Sunday, July 11. 1680 (London : Walter Kettilby, 1680)
The spirit of fanaticism :: exemplify'd in the tryals of Mr. James Mitchel (a Presbyterian minister, who was hang'd at Edinburgh, for an attempt made upon the Archbishop of St. Andrews.) And Major Thomas Weir (a gifted brother at the knack of extempore prayer) who was burnt between Edinburgh and ... (E. Curll, at the Dial and Bible against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-street., 1710)
Three short treatises: III.. A modest plea for the clergy, &c. [by Lancelot Addison]. A sermon of the sacerdotal benediction, &c. [by Samuel Gibson]. A discourse published to undeceive the people in point of tithes, &c. [by Ph. Treleinie gent., i.e. Peter Heylyn] formerly printed and now again ..., ed. George Hickes (W. Taylor, 1709)
Two treatises on the Christian priesthood and on the dignity of the episcopal order : with a prefatory discourse in answer to a book entitled The rights of the Christian Church, &c., and an appendix, 4th ed. (Oxford : J. H. Parker)
Vol. 2 (1847) IA 
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