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John Ball (1585-1640)
TraditionPuritan, ReformedReferenceen | DNB2Academic Titlen/a
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An answer to two treatises of Mr. John Can, the leader of the English Brownists in Amsterdam (London : London. R.B. and sold by J. Burroughes, 1642)
Catechisms of the second Reformation: with historical introduction and biographical notices, ed. Alexander F. Mitchell (London : James Nisbet, 1886) / added author(s): Westminster Assembly, Samuel Rutherford, Church of Scotland
A friendly triall of the grounds tending to separation in a plain and modest dispute touching the lawfulnesse of a stinted liturgie and set form of prayer, Communion in mixed assemblies, and the primitive subject and first receptacle of the power of the Keyes: tending to satisfie the doubtfull, recall the wandering, and to strengthen the weak: by John Ball. ([Cambridge] : Roger Daniel printer to the Universitie of Cambridge; for Edward Brewster, [London,] and are to be sold at his shop at the Bible on Fleet-bridge, 1640)
A short treatise containing all the principal grounds of Christian religion : by way of questions and answers, very profitable for all sorts of men, but especially for householders ; Whereunto are added several questions by the reverend authors own pen to clear the exposition ..
London : John Wright, 1654IA 
London : John Wright, 1656IA 
A short treatise contayning all the principall grounds of Christian religion : By way of questions and answers, very profitable for all men, but especially for housholders (London : William Stansby and are to be sold by Edward Brewster and Robert Bird, 1631)
A treatise of divine meditation (London : H. Mortlock, 1660)
A treatise of faith, divided into two parts: The first shewing the nature, The second, the life of faith. Both tending to direct the weake Christian how he may possesse the whole word of God as his owne, ouercome temptations, better his obedience, and live comfortably in all estates, 3rd ed.
3rd ed. / London : Edward Brewster, 1637IA 
3rd ed. / London : Edward Brewster, 1657GB 
A treatise of the covenant of grace: wherein the graduall breakings out of gospel-grace from Adam to Christ are clearly discovered, the differences betwixt the Old and New Testament are laid open, divers errours of Arminians and others are confuted; the nature of uprightnesse, and the way of Christ in bringing the soul into communion with himself: together with many other points, both doctrinally and practically profitable, are solidly handled
London : G. Miller, 1645IA 
A tryall of the nevv-church vvay in New-England and in old ... by that learned and godly minister of Christ, John Ball of Whitmore ; penned a little before his death and sent over to the New England ministers, anno 1637, as a reply to an answer of theirs in justification of the said positions ... ; now published ... by William Rathband and Simeon Ash. (London : T. Paine and M. Simmons for Thomas Underhill ..., 1644)

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