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Dalrymple, James (1619-1695)
Modus litigandi, or, Form of process, observed before the Lords of Council and Session in Scotland by Sir James Dalrymple of Stair, President of the Session. (Edinburgh : heir of Andrew Anderson ..., 1681)
Dick, John (1764-1833)
Lectures on theology (Edinburgh)
Vol. 1 (1836)
Vol. 2 (1836) IA 
Vol. 3 (1836) IA 
Vol. 4 (1836) IA 
Dickinson, Jonathan (1688-1747)  en
Sermons and tracts, separately published at Boston, Philadelphia, &c. (Edinburgh : M. Gray [etc.], 1793)
Dickson, David (1583-1662)  en
Select practical writings of David Dickson, vol. 1 (Edinburgh : Assembly's Committee, 1845)
The sum of saving knowledge (Edinburgh : T. & T. Clark, 1886)
Therapeutica sacra : seu, De curandis casibus conscientiae circa regenerationem per foederum divinorum prudentem applicationem : libri tres (Edinburgi : Christophorus Higgins, 1656)
Therapeutica sacra shewing briefly the method of healing the diseases of the conscience, concerning regeneration (Edinburgh : Evan Tyler, Printer to the King's most excellent Majesty, 1664)
Therapeutica sacra: shewing briefly, the method of healing the diseases of the conscience, concerning regeneration
Edinburgh : J. Watson, 1697IA 
2nd ed. / Edinburgh : J. Watson, 1697GB 
True Christian love to be sung with any of the common tunes of the Psalms. (Edinburgh : Andro Anderson, 1655)
Truths victory over error, or, An abridgement of the chief controversies in religion which since the apostles days to this time, have been, and are in agitation, between those of the Orthodox faith, and all adversaries whatsoever, a list of whose names are set down after the epistle to the reader : wherein, by going through all the chapters of The confession of faith, one by one, and propounding out of them, by way of question, all the controverted assertions, and answering by yes, or no, there is a clear confirmation of the truth, and an evident confutation of what tenets and opinions, are maintain'd by the adversaries : a treatise, most useful for all persons, who desire to be instructed in the true Protestant religion, who would shun in these last days, and perillous times, the infection of errors and heresies, and all dangerous tenets and opinions, contrary to the word of God. (Edinburgh : John Reid, 1684)
Doddridge, Philip (1702-1751)
Some remarkable passages in the life of the Honourable Col. James Gardiner, who was slain at the Battle of Prestonpans, September 21, 1745. With an appendix relating to the ancient family of the Munro's of Fowlis (Edinburgh, Mundell, Doig : and Stevenson, 1807)
Du Moulin, Pierre (1568-1658)  en fr
The anatomy of the Mass (Edinburgh : Waugh and Innes, 1833)
Durham, James (1622-1658)
Christ crucified, or, the marrow of the gospel, evidently holden forth in seventy two sermons on the whole fifty third chapter of Isaiah ... (Edinburgh : Thomas Lumisden and John Robertson, 1726)
Clavis cantici, or, An exposition of the Song of Solomon (Edinburgh : T. Lumisden, 1723)
Clavis cantici, or, An exposition of the Song of Solomon by James Durham ... (Edinburgh : George Swintoun and James Glen, and are to be sold at their shops ..., 1668)
A commentarie upon the book of the Revelation. Wherein the text is explained, the series of the several prophecies contained in that book, deduced according to their order and dependance on each other; the periods and succession of times, at, or about which, these prophecies, that are already fulfilled, began to be, and were more fully accomplished, fixed and applied according to history; and those that are yet to be fulfilled, modestly, and so far as is warrantable, enquired into. Together with some practical observations, and several digressions, necessary for vindicating, clearing, and confirming many weighty and important truths. Delivered in several lectures, by that learned, laborious, and faithfull servant of Jesus Christ, James Durham, late Minister of the Gospel in Glasgow. To which is affixed a brief summary of the whole book, with a twofold index, one of the several digressions, another of the chief and principall purposes and words contained in this treatise. (Edinburgh : Christopher Higgins, in Harts Close, over against the Trone-Church, 1658)
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